Troubleshooting “No sound on iPhone video”

iPhones offer great video and sound, but sometimes videos have no sound on the iPhone just buzzing. Fortunately, solutions exist to fix no sound on iPhone videos. Learn how to resolve this issue yourself in this article.

Picture this – You’re at your favorite singer’s concert, capturing the perfect moment on your iPhone as they perform your favorite song. But when you check the video later, there’s no audio. Frustrating, isn’t it?

If you’re wondering what went wrong and how to fix it, then it is important to start with understanding why your iPhone isn’t playing sound on videos.

Why is there No Sound on my iPhone Videos?

The reason behind “No sound on videos on iPhone” could be anything from a simple human error, software glitch, or a hardware error.

Human errors can be fixed in no time, but software or hardware errors need your attention, Some of the common reasons behind iPhones not playing sound on videos are:

Software Errors or Glitches:

  • Update Error: If your iPhone OS is outdated or had any errors while updating can have a bad effect on the sound modules.
  • Application Errors: Even iPhone applications are vulnerable, virus or malware attacks on your iPhone can result in poor performance and audio issues as well.
  • Sound Settings: Mistakenly you turned the silent mode or DND on which can prevent the sound from being audible.

Hardware Issues:

  • Damaged Microphone: When the microphone of your iPhone is faulty or damaged, there could be a chance that your audio was captured during the shoot.
  • Speaker Damage: While the video shot could have the audio, a damaged speaker can cause trouble with audio output, resulting in distorted sound, low volume, or no sound at all.

Based on the causes you can choose to fix the “iPhone video has no audio” issue yourself in most cases. If the issues are beyond DIY then you can take it to the experts to handle it.

6 DIY Methods To Fix No Sound on iPhone Videos

Here I have compiled a bunch of fixes to no sound on videos on iphone, starting from basic to advanced, Try them all:

1. Check the Sound Levels

Begin with checking the volume levels of the phone adjust it, and check the silent switch is enabled, if yes then disable it and try playing the video.

adjust the volume levels to fix no sound on iPhone video

2. Force Close app The Relauch

Simply close and relaunch the application, it works as a refresh to the application to solve the temporary glitches that cause the “iPhone not playing sound on videos” issues.

3. Turn Off DND Mode

Check if the DND (Do not disturb) mode is enabled, If yes, turning off the DND mode can instantly fix the no sound on iPhone Video issue. Follow the steps below to turn off the DND mode:

  • Open the Settings app and locate the Do Not Disturb feature.
  • Now toggle off the Do Not Disturb slider.
remove DND to fix no audio issue on iPhone

4. Play the Music App

If the videos have no sound on the iPhone, close the camera or video player applications try launching the music player application, and play any song to observe the audio for any distorted audio or no audio at all. If the issue persists then continue with the next solution.

5. Update IOS

When your iOS is not updated, the applications on your phone may become incompatible with the old OS version, leading to various software-related problems, including the ‘no sound on iPhone video’ issue.

To avoid these software glitches, make sure you update your iPhone to the latest available version.

To update your iPhone:
Go to Settings, click on General, choose Software Update, and install the available updates.

6. Repair the Faulty VIdeo using Video Repair

If none of the above solutions helped you solve the issue, it could be a corrupt video file caused by a virus, malware attack, or another software glitch, resulting in no sound on your iPhone videos.

You’ll need a reliable video repair tool to fix videos with no sound on your iPhone. We recommend trying Yodot Video Repair, which is safe, easy to use, and efficient in repairing video files with basic playback issues to severely corrupt video files.

Simply transfer a copy of the video file to your computer and download the tool.

Steps to use Yodot Video Repair to Fix Videos Having No Sound on iPhone

Step 1: Download and Install Yodot Video Repair on your computer.
Step 2: Launch the tool, select the video file with no audio and click on Repair

launch the video repair tool to fix c=videos that won't play after recovery

Step 3: The tool starts repairing the corrupt iPhone video file.

repairing the corrupted iPhone video

Step 4: Once the process is completed, the software displays the repaired video file description
Step 5: View the Preview of the repaired video file before saving.

preview the repaired video file and save it on your device

Save your repaired video file with audio in your preferred location

NOTE: Make sure to choose a healthy and safe location to save the repaired iPhone video.

All the solutions above can fix the issue if it’s a software problem. But what if it’s a hardware issue? DIY won’t work; you’ll need to get it repaired. Make sure to confirm the problem before taking the phone to repair.

Hardware Issues Causing “My iPhone has NoSound on Videos” Issue

Observe if there is any debris or dust on the speakers and microphone, gently clean them using any soft cloth or soft tip air blower to blow air. Once done, check the component’s functionality by following the steps below:

1. Verify the Speakers

In case, water or dust clogged your iPhone, use the Shortcuts app, Eject Water shortcut to flush it out. Make sure the volume is up and not connected to any headphones.

use eject water shortcut to remove clogged water on speakers

Now try playing any video or audio to check the speaker’s functionality.

2. Check the Microphone Using a Voice Memo

Bad or faulty microphones in iPhones can also be a reason behind iPhone videos having no audio in them. So we suggest checking if the microphone on your device is in perfect condition.

To check the microphone use the voice memos application to record your voice and check if the audio is captured without any issues.

use voice memo to record your audio and check for errors

If you observe any distorted or no sound after performing the above solutions we recommended to take your iPhone to an Apple expert technician.

BONUS: How To Enhance The Audio Experience On Your iPhone?

Here are some tips to improve the audio quality on an iPhone:

Noise Cancellation: Reduce the background noise by enabling the noise cancellation feature on your iPhone.

Open Settings > Accessibility > Audio & Visual and Turn the noise cancellation on.

turn the noise cancellation for better audio experience

High-Quality Streaming: Enable high-quality streaming for the applications that you use the most.

Go to app settings, click on Audio quality, and choose Very high on both wifi and cellular streaming.

chose very high to get the best of audio from the application

Personalized Spatial Audio: Use Spatial Audio to create a complete surround experience that can be personalized to your taste.


We began this article to help users solve the “no sound on iPhone video” issue, we hope the article has achieved the intention. Additionally, make sure you keep the phone safe and well-maintained to avoid issues like these in the future.

If you ever come across video corruption or other video-related issues use only reliable repair tools like Yodot Video Repair to fix those issues.