How to Recover Data From an Unmountable SD Card?

Wondering how to recover data from unmountable SD card? Want to know why your SD card is showing unmountable? Don’t worry, this article will provide you the complete information you need to know about unmountable SD cards.

Losing access to data stored on an SD card can be a frustrating experience, especially if the card becomes unmountable. Whether it’s due to physical damage, file system errors, or other issues, an unmountable SD card can make it seem like your valuable files and data are lost forever. However, all hope is not lost. Read this article to learn how to recover data from an SD card that is unmountable. 


What Does an Unmounted SD Card Mean?

Unmounting an SD card means safely removing it from your device so that it is no longer actively being used or accessed by your system.

When you insert an SD card into your device, it is mounted, which means that your device recognizes it and allows you to access its contents. Unmounting the SD card is like pressing the eject button on a CD or DVD – it ensures that all of the files and data on the card are saved and closed properly so that the card can be safely removed without risking data loss or corruption.

To unmount an SD card, you typically need to go to the settings or file manager on your device, find the SD card, and then select the option to unmount or eject it. Once you’ve done this, you can safely remove the card from your device without worrying about losing any of the data that’s stored on it.

Why Does an SD Card Become Unmountable?

Sd cards can become unmountable due to a wide variety of reasons, we have mentioned some of the common reasons below: 

Physical Damage – If the card has been broken, bent, or exposed to water you may not unmount the SD card from the system. 

Corrupted File System – The file system is responsible for handling all the data in the SD card if you plug out the card while data is being written or read, the file system gets corrupted and this may be the reason for the Unmountable SD card.

Compatibility Issues – Some devices and OS are not compatible with the SD card, so you may encounter an unmounted sd card error. 

Issues in Hardware – The problem might be caused by a damaged USB port or card slot. 

Malware Issues – The presence of viruses in the card might the reason for the unmountable error. It’s always recommended to keep the SD card virus free to avoid issues in the future.

How to Remove an Unmountable SD Card Safely?

Below we have mentioned how to eject an SD card on Android Devices, cameras, and PCs.

For Android Devices – There will be two options Unmount or Eject based on the version of Android. To remove the SD card from your Android device simply go to Settings Storage SD CardUnmount/Eject

For Cameras – To remove the SD card from the camera first switch off the camera and lightly push the card inside to remove it, in some cameras there will be an eject button to eject the SD card safely.

For PCs – On Windows Explorer choose Eject by right-clicking the SD card or on the system tray which is present on the taskbar select the Eject option to safely remove the SD card from your PCs.

Important Note: Before proceeding with the manual methods to fix the unmounted SD card error. It’s always recommended to recover data using the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to avoid loss of data while unmounting the SD card. 

Recover Data From Unmountable SD Card Using the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool

The Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool is talked about tool in various hard drive recovery communities and forums because of its efficient hard drive recovery scenarios. The tool can recover corrupted or damaged drives easily because of its faster scanning technology. Download and try the tool to recover data from an unmountable SD card.


Steps to Recover Data From Unmountable SD Card:

  • Download the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on your system and connect the SD card
  • After downloading, launch the tool and click on Partition Recovery to recover data from unmountable SD card
Click on partition recovery to recover data from unmountable sd card
  • In the next screen, select the SD card and hit Next.
Select the sd card and hit next
  • After clicking next, the scanning process starts.
  • Once the software finds the data, Select or Add a file type to recover the particular file type and click Next.
  • By clicking next, the tool starts recovering the files and displays them in a Data View and File Type View.
The tool displays the recovered data from unmountable sd card in file type view and data view
  • Preview the recovered file using the Preview option.
Preview the recovered data
  • Select the required file type and click Save to save it in your desired location.

Methods to Fix Unmountable SD Card Error

Below we have covered, how to update the SD card driver and format your SD card to fix the unmountable SD card error. Follow the methods to fix the issue. 

Updating the SD Card Driver

An outdated card driver might be the reason for an unmounted SD Card error. Follow the below-given steps to update the SD card driver and avoid the SD card keeps unmounting issue:

  • Hold Windows+X Keys on your keyboard
  • From a list of programs go to Device Manager and click on Disk Drives option
  • Select Update Driver by right-clicking the SD card driver.
Click on update driver to fix unmounted sd card error
  • A pop-up screen appears saying Search automatically for updated driver software by clicking on this Windows will find updated drivers for you automatically.
Select search automatically for drivers to fix sd card keeps unmounting error

Formatting Your SD Card

Recover your unmounted SD card by formatting it, by doing a formatting operation you can easily recover an unmounted  SD card as it will erase all the data present on it and makes the SD card to mount again and it is also free from virus and corruption.

  • Press the Windows+X keys together
  • Choose Disk Management, look for your SD card, and right-click on it 
  • Choose Format, and a dialog box will open on that File System option select NTFS or FAT32
Click on format to format the sd card
  • Finally, click on OK to format the unmounted SD card.


This article will help you to fix the Unmountable SD card error with helpful methods. Before fixing the card by manual methods, it’s always recommended to recover data first, with the help of the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to avoid data loss in the SD card.