Repair Corrupt DJI Video Files | Tried and Tested

Is your DJI file corrupted? Wondering how to fix corrupted DJI files? Then this article will provide you with effective solutions to repair DJI video files from all popular DJI models like Mavic, Inspire, Phantom, or Spark without any hassle.

DJI or Da-Jiang Innovations are known for making commercial drones that compact and capture amazing aerial photography and videography. Currently, DJI drones have dominated the photography and videography space to the extent that spotting one flying above your head at events like weddings, outdoor concerts, and sports events has become common.

Now, imagine the DJI video not playing after capturing footage and photos during these occasions. Bit scary right? If you ask can a corrupted video from a DJI drone be repaired? The upcoming sections will guide you to fix corrupted DJI files effortlessly.

Before jumping into serious repair solutions, try playing the video file on a different media player or restarting to resolve temporary glitches preventing your DJI videos from playing. If that doesn’t work, continue reading…

3 Solutions To Repair Corrupt DJI Video Files

Method 1: Re-inserting the Memory Card

Sometimes it could be a glitch between the SD card and the drone causing minor video file corruption, it can be due to improper shutdown that interrupts the video finalizing resulting in DJI video corruption. Here is how you do it.

  • Power off the drone and remote controller.
  • Eject the SD card and Re-insert the SD card.
  • Now turn on the drone.

Now check the DJI videos, they should play without any issues, if it doesn’t play then try the next solution.

Method 2: Djifix.exe

Djifix is an open-source command-line software available on Windows that can help repair corrupt DJI videos. However, keep in mind that this is not an official DJI video repair tool. It might not be compatible with all DJI products, but it’s useful for fixing DJI drone videos to a good extent.

Here is how you can use the tool to repair the corrupt videos using djifix

  • Download the djifix software.
  • Move both DJI corrupted videos and djifix.exe to the same folder.
  • Open the Command prompt and type the following command

(Assume that DJI videos are in a folder named “DJI_Repair” on your Desktop)

  • cd Desktop/DJI_Repair
  • djifix corrupt_video_name.extension (Replace corrupt_video_name with the file of your video file along with its extension) and Press Enter.
  • This will initiate the video repair process and it may take some time depending on the file size.

Once the video repair is completed, you will see a new file with a name like “File0004-repaired.h264” in the same folder. Try opening the video file with VLC Media Player to check if the corrupted DJI file is fixed.

ALSO: The repaired video will be in raw .h264 format, you can convert it to a more universal format like MP4 to prevent compatibility issues.

When djifix doesn’t repair dji video then, you need professional video repair software to repair dji video files. Read on to know more.

Method 3: Yodot Video Repair

We suggest you use Yodot Video Repair as a DJI video repair tool for the DJI videos that are not playing. Additionally, the tool is very efficient in repairing multiple video formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, etc in just simple clicks.

You can rely on this tool to repair corrupt DJI video files safely and efficiently on both Windows and Mac systems.

Download the tool and follow the steps below to repair DJI video file

Step 1: Launch the Yodot Video Repair tool and click on Select File to choose the corrupt drone video file.

click on the browse option and select the damaged video file with

Step 2: Click on Repair to begin the video repair process.

repairing the video files with

Step 3: Once the tool completes repairing the corrupt video, preview the video file and save it on your device.
NOTE: Ensure that you save the video in a safe location to prevent corruption issues.

preview the repaired video file that was showing video error 0xc00d36c4

ALSO: If you see physical damage on the SD card causing connectivity issues and corrupting DJI videos, data recovery services could help.

However, success rates vary depending on the extent of damage, and data recovery can be costly. Make sure to check prices, security, and terms before submitting the SD card.


While you can repair DJI video files, you wouldn’t prefer to face corruption issues again. Ensure you take precautionary measures such as creating multiple backups, using branded SD cards and ensuring you have enough battery power during shoots to avoid the chances of video file corruption in drones.

We hope the solutions provided in the article were able to fix the DJI MP4 videos that are not playing, saving you from reshoots. In the event of a drone crash, we suggest sending it for repair to DJI. They will conduct a damage analysis and provide a quotation for the drone’s recovery, but footage recovery is not guaranteed in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I repair corrupt videos from DJI OSMO?

You can use professional al video repair like Yodot video repair to repair corrupt video files.

2. Can I repair corrupt drone footage using the VLC Media player?

Yes, the VLC media player can fix minor corruption issues in videos.

3. What software to recommended to edit DJI drone footage?

LightCut is the official editing application recommended by DJI to edit drone video