Recover Data After MMC Memory Card Corruption

“Hi everybody, I have a 2GB MMC memory card which consists of many pictures in it. But when I connected this MMC memory card to the computer for transferring pictures, it showed an empty card. I can’t find any of the image files inside the memory card.

Don’t worry; this is not only your problem, there are many people who lose pictures from their MMC cards due to one or another problem. Before going to know the solution to your problem, let me tell you why MMC memory cards get corrupted and what are the causes for it.

What are MMC Cards?

MMC cards are memory cards and They’re different from SD cards in various aspects including usage, storage size, and physical dimensions.

MMC cards are mostly available in sizes of up to 512 GB and can be used for almost any device where you’d use an SD card such as cell phones and digital cameras.

Why do MMC Memory Cards Get Corrupted?

MMC memory cards get corrupted due to various reasons, Here are some of the reasons for MMC Card corruption.

If you have lost data from the MMC memory card due to any of the above-mentioned problems, then calm down. If your MMC memory card is corrupted, then you must format the MMC memory card first, and later you can recover it by using the card recovery tool. You can recover lost, deleted or formatted data from corrupted MMC memory cards by using a professional card recovery utility. Yodot Photo Recovery is a specially designed tool to get data back from MMC and other memory cards on Windows PC.

Method 1: Recover Data From Corrupted MMC Card Using Yodot Card Recovery Software

Yodot Photo Recovery is an excellent memory card recovery tool that has the ability to recover data from corrupted or inaccessible MMC memory cards. You can retrieve photos, videos, music, and other files from various MMC memory card brands like SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, Kingston, etc.

Steps to Recover Data From MMC Memory Card

Method 2: Repair the MMC SD Card Using CHKDSK

Method 3: Assign a New Drive Letter to MMC Card

Steps to recover MMC SD Card by assigning a new drive letter

Method 4: Reinstall Device Drivers to Fix MMC Card

If your SD card isn’t properly recognized when you insert it into your MMC SD card, there’s a chance that there might be an issue with drivers. In that case, you should uninstall them and try again.


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