How to Recover When GoPro MicroSD Is Not Recognized?

“Hi, I am facing problem with my microSD card. I was in a vacation and recording videos using GoPro Hero3 Black, which saved the video on its micro SD card. I have recorded and accessed many on the same card earlier without any issue. When I connected the GoPro camera to computer to transfer videos and images, the GoPro locked up. I had to remove the battery from GoPro and when it turned on; it said "No SD". When I plugged it into my computer through USB port, computer does not recognize the card. I have tried few other ways, but nothing has worked. I am thinking to send the card to manufacturer’s service store to recover all my videos. Does anybody have any helpful suggestions? Thanks in advance.”

When camera can't communicate with your micro SD card properly, you may see “No card” message on your GoPro camera’s display. At this sort of situation you can resolve the issue by trying few steps which are mentioned below:

  • Be assured that the micro SD card is fully slotted into GoPro camera
  • Switch ON the GoPro and verify whether the message is still displayed
  • If the camera still shows “NO card” error, then insert the card into your computer’s SD Slot through USB Card Reader. You can use the microSD Card Adapter that came with the card
  • Go to My Computer > Manage > Disk Management > try to find the card under Removable drives > if you find, assign a drive letter to it

If the above mentioned troubleshooting doesn't help you in solving your issue, then there might be a problem with micro SD card. To ensure this, try other micro SD cards in your GoPro as well as in computer and also try this error showing micro SD in other device. If you are facing the issue only with this card then microSD might be corrupted due to various causes like:

  • Allowing card until its memory reaches full
  • Formatting card on computer
  • Damaging the card’s firmware
  • Exceeding the number of write/erase cycles than limit
  • Improper ejection of card from camera or PC
  • Malware contagion
  • Bad sectors on the card

Because of these reasons your card might get corrupted that prevents you from accessing data saved in it. Still you don’t need to be bothered, because Yodot Photo Recovery is always there for your help.

Plausible tool to recover unrecognized Gopro micro SD:

Yodot Photo Recovery is an efficient tool to recover files from microSD card which is not detected in GoPro. This utility securely restores data from corrupted or damaged GoPro SD cards. This tool is proficient in retrieving images, RAW photos, music files, video files and documents of various formats from micro SD on Windows based computers. Its robust mechanism vigorously scans the entire GoPro micro card to discover and excavate several files, even based on their file signatures. Apart from retrieval of data from GoPro micro SD, it is expert in restoring CF, XD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, Memory Sticks and other category of flash memory cards. You can ensure the restoring ability of the tool through preview option provided in it. Not only media cards, with the help this program you can retrieve media data from your hard drives, external hard drives and external storage devices. This utility is compatible with all versions of Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, server 2003 and 2008. Users can recover GoPro videos on Mac and also all kind of images, documents, etc, by downloading Mac version of this recovery tool on Macintosh systems running with OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and EI captain.

Easy steps to restore undetected GoPro SD card:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery utility and install it
  • After successful installation, run the software
  • Connect GoPro Micro SD memory Card to the system
  • Choose Lost Photo Recovery from main display
  • Pick connected micro SD card from displayed list of drives
  • You can mark file types which you wish to retrieve; else skip this step
  • Click on Next key to begin scanning process
  • Make use of ‘Data view’ and ‘File Type View’ to select data which is to be restored
  • ‘Preview’ retrieved data one at a time and preserve them on your mentioned destination


  • Don’t damage the gold contacts on memory cards and protect cards from high temperature
  • Always format cards in camera rather than computer

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