Recovering Data from Locked Memory Card

Memory cards play very important role in expanding storage capacity of any media gadget like MP3 music player, camcorder, digital camera, Smartphone and others. By inserting a memory card to these devices, you can save numbers of photos, videos, music files etc which you want to keep with you forever. Sometimes, we don’t want other person to access our data on memory card to keep it protected and unrevealed. For this purpose, we make the memory card password protected or locked. Once you lock memory card with password, nobody will be able to explore it until he/she knows password to unlock the card.

Although you lock memory card with password and protect your significant information or files on memory card from unwanted access; sometimes you may also experience problem in accessing memory card data after you forget the password that is required to unlock flash card. Many users experience this issue and lose access to their crucial data that is saved in locked memory card. Moreover, they can proceed to format memory card after they are hopeless and cannot remember the password to unlock memory card. However, you can make memory card reusable after formatting it, but you will have to compromise with your important data. In such case, you can rely upon third party application to get back data from locked memory card. It is the best solution to recover your valuable files securely from locked memory card.

Locked memory card data recovery software:

In case you have forgotten password to open memory card or formatted it to make it available for reuse, scan it with Yodot Photo Recovery program. This software has powerful built-in scanning mechanism that scans locked memory card and recovers photos, videos, music and other media files within short time. With the aid of such tool, you can regain all your data even if you have formatted the card. It supports data recovery from password protected MicroSD card and other memory cards including SD, MiniSD, SDHC, SDXC, CF, xD, MMC, Memory Sticks. etc. This software works compatible with all popular Windows OS based computers and laptops to get files from locked memory cards of different brands such as SanDisk, Lexar, Kingston, LaCie, Transcend, Sony etc.

Simple procedure to extract data from locked memory card:

Tips to Remember!

  • Don’t format locked memory card after you forget password
  • If data is lost or deleted from locked memory card, don’t add new files to that memory card
  • Copy your favorite data from locked memory card to some other storage device for backup purpose

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