How to Restore Files from Memory Card Showing MSDC Sector Error?

User 1: “Hello, I was listening music on my mobile and suddenly songs stopped playing. When I looked at playlist, it was empty! Then I tried to open my microSD card since it contains all music files, pictures, videos and many other vital files. But I got a message “MSDC read sector error in mobile”. Can anyone tell me what exactly the problem is? How can I fix it?”

User 2: “I am facing problem with my memory card. Whenever I try to access the card, it screens “MSDC write sector error”. What can I do? I have some important data saved on the card. Somehow I need to repair it. Please help me”.

What is MSDC read sector or MSDC write sector error in memory card?

MSDC stands for Mass Storage Device Class. It is the most significant part of camera, which is required to bond camera and computer.

If there is any damage/corruption in internal File System structure of the card then MSDC fails to detect the card, so MSDC read sector or MSDC write sector error in memory card arises. Your card internal File System gets damaged/broken due to several reasons and they are listed below.

Causes for memory card corruption:

  • Formatting the card improperly
  • Brutal virus invasion
  • Handling the card inappropriately
  • Corrupted header file
  • Accumulated bad sectors on card
  • Extended number of read/write cycles

How to fix this MSDC sector error?

Try CHDSK to fix this error by following below stated steps.

  • Connect card to PC via card reader
  • Go to Start menu and type CMD
  • Then type chkdsk n: /f (where n is drive letter of the card)
  • Check whether card works or not

If above fixation is not unsuccessful in removing MSDC read/write error then only possible way to resolve MSDC sector error in card is to format it completely. Since formatting will erase entire data from memory card you need to backup files from it. You can directly go for formatting the SD memory card if you don’t require saved data on it. In case if you have stored crucial data on the card and you need to recover those files, then follow below guidelines.

  • Hit Download Now button
  • Get access to Yodot Photo Recovery program
  • Run it once you are done with installation process
  • Attach MSDC error showing memory card
  • Choose Lost Photo Recovery option on main window
  • Pick connected card from list
  • Select either Mark All or Skip option
  • View files present on card in File Type View/Data View
  • Mark essential files and Save them on system drive

Now proceed to format the card.

How to format memory card that is screening MSDC sector error?

  • From Start type compmgmt.msc
  • Computer Management window comes up
  • Go to Storage and click Disk Management
  • Select drive that designates your card
  • Right click on it and hit Format option
  • Opt FAT32 in File System and click OK

Recovery tool for memory card showing errors:

Yodot Photo Recovery program is an advanced program created for restoring data from memory cards showing any error message. The utility retrieves files from affected card without disturbing its internal structure as well as its data. The program assists you in recovering data from all types of media cards counting SD, SDHC, TF, CF, etc internal hard disks, external hard drives, USBs, Pen Drives etc. Even if you have formatted your card in order to fix the error that you are facing, then also you can accomplish SD card, memory card or Micro SD card recovery after formatting. This handy application has simple interface that helps to carryout recovery process without any hindrance. The tool works competently on all Windows operating systems. OS X compatible edition is also provided to aid Macintosh user.

Points to remember:

  • Avoid mishandling of camera or memory card
  • Choose option to safely remove the card before ejecting it from slot