How to Open ASD File after Unsupported File Type Error?

“On my system, Word application stopped responding all of a sudden. So, I immediately saved the document, which I was working and then closed the Word application. But the file is saved with .asd extension, instead of .doc. Also, if I try to open the file I get an error that states, “Microsoft Word cannot open this file because it is an unsupported file type.” What is this ASD file? How can I recover contents of my Word document? Someone kindly help me.”

What is ASD or .asd file?

Before you know about ASD file, have knowledge of AutoRecover feature provided in Microsoft Word program.

AutoRecover is an inbuilt option provided in Microsoft Office suite, which pull the plug on data loss due to unexpected interruptions like power surge, generation of errors, application halt/crash, abrupt system shut down etc that may prevent you from saving the Word file in a right way. Still, it is not an alternative for Save option. So, AutoRecover aspect aids in safeguarding a Word file during sudden disaster, only if the file is saved throughout the process as well at end.

If Word is terminated/interrupted in middle of process, then the current document will be saved in AutoRecover folder (if it was saved frequently, also at end); only when AutoRecover option is enabled. You can find AutoRecover folder under this path- C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\ (Windows 7 and above) and C:\Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\ (Windows 7 and below).

And Auto-Recovered file will be named as

  • AutoRecovery save of X.asd (X is name of opened file) in Win 7 and below
  • ~Wra####.asd (#### is random number given by Windows) in Win 7 and above

So, ASD is your rescued Word file. This file contains replica of currently opened Word document.

How to open ASD file? Why it shows error?

If your Windows file association is all set then it links .asd file with respective program present in your computer to open the file, as soon as you double-click on it. If adequate program is missing then you need to install it.

Sometimes Windows prompts you to pick suitable program to open ASD file from list of available applications on your system, if the file is not associated so far.

If you cannot open the ASD file directly or if you come across errors like unable to open ASD file unsupported file type then try below methods.

Note: Never try to rename your original .asd files. If you want to do, try with its copied file.

1. Open ASD File Manually

  • Go to Start, type .asd in search tab and hit Enter key
  • From displayed list, select your ASD file and open it
  • Select MS Word to launch the file (If asked)
  • Choose All Files in file types list
  • When file opens, copy its entire content and paste it in a new Word file
  • Save the new Word file with .doc/.docx extension

2. Open ASD file in Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 is fitted with enhanced features to help users. So, employ it to access your ASD file.

  • Avail Microsoft Word 2010 tool
  • Launch it and click on Office button
  • Use Open option and select your ASD file
  • Opt All Files in file types tab
  • Copy the ASD file data
  • Create a new file and paste it
  • Save created file in Word format

Additional Info:

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  • Take care of your Word application; avoid abrupt closing
  • Make a habit of working on copied file, instead of original one