How to Open An ASD File When It Shows Unsupported File Type Error?

Can't open asd file? Wondering how to fix cannot open an auto recovery file error? Don’t worry in this article, you will find effective ways to fix the asd unsupported file type issue.

Written by Lucy John on April 27, 2023

Microsoft Word cannot open this file because it is an unsupported file type” This is the common error the users face while opening the ASD files. The autosave file should always support the user when they face an error with the Word document. Sometimes the autosave file also throws some errors like asd unsupported file type or asd file not opening in Word. Don’t worry, follow this article to fix the issue.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a .asd file?
  2. Ways to Fix ASD File After Unsupported File Type Error?
  3. Conclusion

What is An ASD File?

An ASD (.asd) file is an auto-recovery file for MS Word. Whenever you create a Word document the .asd file will be created automatically. This makes sure that the data you have in your main Word file will not get damaged due to issues like unexpected shutting down of the application, power problems, etc.

Microsoft Word Files With a .asd Extension Cannot be Opened from this Location

If the ASD file has an unsupported file type error, it might not open from the file location. Below we have mentioned the location of the asd file.

To find out where the ASD files get saved; go the File Explorer and follow the path as mentioned:

Below, we have mentioned four ways to fix ASD files after an unsupported file type error. Just follow these simple methods and fix the can't open asd file issue in no time.

Ways to Fix ASD File After Unsupported File Type Error

1.Open ASD File Manually

2.How to Open ASD File in Word 2010/2013?

Microsoft Word 2010 comes with enhanced features to help users. So, employ it to access your ASD file.

Open the ASD File in Word 2003/2007

3.Open ASD File via File Explorer

As discussed above, .asd file regularly takes a backup of a Word document to avoid data loss issues. Refer to the steps mentioned below to open the ASD file via File Explorer.

Step 1: Hold the Win + E keys to extend File Explorer. Copy the file path and look for the ASD file on your system.

open asd in file explorer to fix asd unsupported file type

Step 2: Right-click on the .asd file, choose Open With... and click OK.

Step 3: Select the .asd file with the Word option. Click Save As to change ASD files to Word.

Now see whether the “cannot open auto recovery file Word” error has been solved

4.Open ASD File With Yodot DOC Repair Software

If the above methods are not working then the asd file may be corrupted or damaged. It is recommended to make use of Yodot DOC repair software. Best-in-class tool to repair your damaged or corrupted .asd file. This tool is built with a strong repair algorithm that can repair your corrupted .asd file without losing any data. Download the tool now and start repairing your corrupted .asd file.

This tool is built with a strong repair algorithm that can repair your corrupted .asd file without losing any data. Download the tool now and start repairing your corrupted .asd file.

Step 1: Install and launch the Yodot DOC Repair software and click on Browse and choose the .asd file which has asd unsupported file type issue.

click on browse to fix asd file not opening in Word issue

Step 2: After choosing the asd file, hit Repair to start the repairing process.

Step 3: The file will be repaired in no time, select the Click Here To Preview File to view the repaired file.

click to preview

Step 4: Select the drive where you want to save the repaired asd file and click on OK.


This article clearly talks about what is an asd file and how to open a .asd file after an unsupported file type error. Make use of this article to fix your .asd file. Also, share this article with those who face the same issues - asd file not opening in Word error.

Additional Info:

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Tips to maintain Word File:

  • Take care of your Word application; avoid abrupt closing
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