How to Recover Files from CSC Folder?

Written by Lucy John on April 26, 2023

“Hi, I ran system scan on my brother’s Windows computer and found that a folder named CSC was occupying vast space. So I decided to delete all unwanted files from it. But later I found that deleted files are very important and somehow I need to recover them back. As I used Shift+Delete keys while deletion, these files were not saved in Recycle Bin. Now, how to extract files deleted from CSC folder? Please suggest some useful tips.”

What is CSC Folder?

CSC – Client Side Cache is a folder found in Windows computers that holds files for which offline feature is enabled. In simple, computers that open and edit files from Server and then update it back in Server again will save such files in CSC folder. Since this folder is considered as system file, user cannot see it in Windows Explorer. The files get stored on C:\ WindowsCSC folder.

How Do I Access The CSC Folder?

However, in order to view or open files from CSC folder, one should enable the option ‘Show hidden files/folders’ under Tools menu. CSC folder located in C drive contains sub folders with the names d1, d2, d3, till d8 and four tmp files to store metadata information of files in folder. These sub-folders hold cached files from shared network for which offline feature is enabled. Hence, losing files on client system from CSC folder may cause severe data loss.

How files are lost from CSC folder?

Generally, CSC folder eats up large free space on computer hard drive due to which user faces low memory issues. And in the process of freeing memory space on computer hard disk, one might accidentally erase necessary files from CSC folder. If not accidentally, one may erase cached files thinking that they are no more required or it is being synced in Server; but later finds it wrong. Also, user might unintentionally format CSC folder using registry command that incur loss of essential files from it.

The only method to bring back files lost or deleted from CSC folder in Windows system is to employ good file retrieval tool; files lost or deleted from system drive will not be removed permanently. It still resides in the same location however, inaccessible by the OS. Hence, before using any file recovery tool, one should make sure that no new data is been added to system hard drive after file loss from CSC folder happens as it may lead to data overwriting.

Software for retrieving files from CSC folder:

One of the excellent software used to retrieve files from CSC folder is Yodot File Recovery tool. This software can extract all file types from computer hard drive after accidental deletion or unforeseen file loss scenarios. It is capable of recovering MS Office documents, PDF files, text files, compressed files, program files, etc. along with cached files from CSC folder. One might also recover deleted HTML files from hard drive on Windows computers using this utility. This tool is also capable of restoring files from USB flash drive, external hard disk, SSD, FireWire Drive, etc. that are formatted with FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT and file systems. Computer users who use Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems can surely use this amazing tool to retrieve files.

Guidelines to extract files from CSC folder on Windows PC:

Necessary Tips:

  • CSC folder holds all offline enables cached files from shared network, so check twice before deleting any file from it
  • Before deleting files from CSC folder, synchronize these files with Server copies so that no information will be lost

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