How to Extract Files from Corrupted Pen Drive?

Pen drives are the most used portable external storage devices available in the range starting from 256MB to 64 GB respectively. These pen drives use flash storage support, which stores data much faster and are integrated with USB interface so that it can be easily connected to the system without facing any problems. As these pen drives are small in sizes, they are effortlessly portable and sharing data with other system will be very much convenient.

The user can store photos, videos, music files, documents and any types of files in pen drives and access them accordingly. Randomly adding or removing files from pen drive or using it on multiple systems can corrupt its file system making drive inaccessible for user. As a result of this admittance to the data saved in USB flash drive is blocked.

What are the reasons that lead to corruption of pen drive?

  • Sudden loss of power when the user is transferring files from pen drive to computer can lead to corruption of the pen drive
  • Pen drive gets corrupted when it is infected with  virus/malware threats, as a result of which it blocks access to the information saved in storage media
  • Using the pen drive on multiple systems can sometimes shows format errors due to corruption of its file system and leads to loss of all the files from pen drive when you format it to free from errors

No matter what was the cause behind corruption of USB drive, you need to format it in order reuse it for storing data. Formatting flash drive wipes out all its file contents and prepared drive for saving new data. So how will you get back data from corrupted flash drive? Don’t know how to do data recovery from corrupted pen drive? Relax! There is no need to get upset! Through use of good USB drive recovery tool you can manage to recover data from corrupted flash drive after formatting it.

Corrupt Pen Drive Data Recovery Software:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery can be considered as the preeminent application to restore data from corrupt pen drive. It’s cleverly programmed with efficient disk scanning techniques to successfully scan each and every sector of USB drive to find and extract information without missing a single file. On completion of recovery process, retrieved files can be arranged on basis of their file name, size of file, date the file was created and so on. Apart from the recovery of data from corrupted pen drive, Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool can easily get back files from different external storage media like external hard drives, memory cards and even from internal hard drive. In addition to this, it can even recover if boot sector is corrupt or damage on a hard drive. It comes up with handy user interface, which is easy to use without any prior technical knowledge.

Guidelines to get data from corrupt USB flash drive:

  • Download and install Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to the system
  • Now connect the pen drive to the computer where the recovery product is installed
  • Run the application and follow the instructions provided on the main screen
  • The two options that are present in the main screen are “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery
  • Click on Partition Recovery option and proceed to the next screen
  • Select the pen drive from where the information needs to be restored and click on Next button
  • Now you are listed with set of file types that have to be recovered
  • If you want the entire pen drive to be scanned, then go to the next screen using the arrow button
  • This takes you to the scanning process, which gets completed in less amount of time
  • Select the files that needs to be saved to the desired destination location as available to the user

Safety tips to avoid data loss:

  • Do not eject pen drive during the transfer of files to computer or laptop
  • Keep the pen drive in safe and secure place to avoid physical damage
  • Install antivirus application and scan pen drive to prevent virus infection

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