How to Get Data Off Laptop With Broken Screen?

Laptop is the best option for all computer users, who want to carry their business stuff wherever they go. But, this portability feature of laptop may sometimes lead to disasters like accidental drop of it. In most of the cases, laptop screen breaks and stops displaying anything and to fix this, one need to spend double the amount as that of purchasing another laptop itself. So, most of the users prefer to purchase a new laptop instead of fixing its broken screen. Apart from this, laptop screen may stop displaying anything when there are logical errors.

However, one has to remove all the data from hard drive of laptop with broken screen as it may include crucial business stuff, personal files and many more. Here raises the question, i.e. how to recover files from laptop with broken screen? This might be the question with many laptop users and here is the finest answer. Remove the hard drive of the laptop safely and use it on another computer to extract all its data.

Removing hard drive is not that easy. Users, who are technically not strong, face unknown difficulties while removing the hard drive from laptop and many will create blunders by damaging the hard drive. Also, laptop hard drive may get damaged while trying to interface it on another computer and render loss of crucial data from it. The various other causes that lead to damaged laptop hard drive are:

When hard drive data is inaccessible due to any of these reasons, then the most appropriate method is to make use of good hard drive data recovery tool, such as Yodot Hard Driver Recovery.

Proficient features of hard drive retrieval tool:

Recommended by many data recovery experts, Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool is the best option to bring back various files from laptop hard drive that is not working or not showing any files preserved on it. Built with skilled recovery algorithms, this utility can retrieve data from formatted, unbootable, corrupted, failed hard drives of both Windows laptops and desktops. It can get back Office documents, reports, pictures, videos, music, etc. from internal as well as external hard drives of various brands like Seagate, Toshiba, WD, Iomega, ADATA, etc. The tool can also bring back lost and deleted partitions from hard drive of SATA, ATA, IDE, SCSI, etc. interfaces. One can employ this tool on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 OS based computers with ease.

Steps to bring back files from hard drive of a broken screen Laptop:

Precautionary Measures:

  • If laptop screen is physically broken then, consult Service providers to remove its hard drive safely
  • When laptop screen stops displaying anything, without making any delay use recovery software to extract data from its hard drive
  • Avoid various slip ups that causes laptop screen to break

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