How to Retrieve Data from Dynamic Volume?

A Dynamic Disk is an enhanced form of data storage on Windows. It is equipped with more features than a regular disk such as reading volumes, scanning other drives on the network as well as managing the drive to create a high performance computer system. When you are running short of storage space on your computer’s hard drive, you can convert it to the dynamic hard drive which increases the capacity of the hard disk so that you can store more data on it. But as the data storage runs in continuity in dynamic disk unlike normal hard drive, problems can arise when trying to access or back up a particular file. However it is possible to recover information from a Dynamic hard volume even though you convert volume from basic to dynamic.

How to convert the disk as Dynamic?

Although Windows OS provides you the option to convert basic disk to Dynamic disk, after conversion you cannot convert dynamic disk to basic disk as "Convert to Basic Disk" option is not enabled. This is because there is volume associated with Dynamic disk that is to be converted. Hence if you want to convert Dynamic disk to basic, then you have to delete the Volume first and you can convert Dynamic disk to basic disk. But all data is lost after the conversion as it is necessary to delete the volume. If you create backup before deletion of volume then you can proceed further to convert the volume to basic. But if you have forgotten to create backup, then it causes huge data loss to you. However, you can recover it with the help of hard drive recovery software.

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is the one that takes all the concern of data loss issues. No matter what caused loss of data from Dynamic disk, this software will help you to efficiently recover your data. You can restore various types of files like MS Office documents, photos, videos, music files and many more from a volume that got deleted during the conversion process. This hard drive recovery software has the ability to retrieve data from desktop or laptop hard drive after loss, deletion, formatting, re-formatting and corruption of partitions on Windows operating system. It can even find lost data from FAT or NTFS file system based partitions even after partitioning hard drive. Moreover it enables you to save the scanning result using “Save Recovery Session” option in order to avoid re-scan after purchasing of product and hence saves time.

Steps to restore data from Dynamic disk

Important Note:

  • Do not save the recovered data on to the same drive from which you have recovered them
  • It is advised not to convert Dynamic volume to basic unless you backup important data

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