How Do I Retrieve Data from PS4 Hard Drive?

There was an error when the PS4 server was down, it required me to delete all game files and re-login in order to play games. I did this, without a backup, and now all the game files have disappeared.

For PS4 game lovers, losing game files on their hard drives is an easy problem due to accidental deletion, sudden power outage, or formatted hard drive errors. However, it is quite complicated to recover lost PS4 game files without backups. After data loss, it will take some time to recover lost PS4 game files.

How To Recover Data From PS4 Hard Drive?

Method 1: Retrieve PS4 Hard Drive Files From The PS Plus Cloud Storage

PS4 external hard drive recovery online is possible if you’re a PS Plus user. A PS Plus allows auto-save of PS4 game data to a Cloud. Hence, you can simply copy the deleted games from Cloud & save them to the PC.


Here are the easy steps, you can follow to recover a PS4 hard drive from Cloud saves:

Method 2: Get Back PS4 Files From Backup

If you have a copy and save your PS4 files to the USB device or some other storage drive as the backup, then you can get back the lost data with ease The following are two prerequisites for this method:

  1. If you’ve turned on the option Sync with PlayStation Network.
  2. You’ve copied a game file to the USB device.

Steps To Recover The PS4 Saved Files From The USB Storage:

Method 3. Retrieve PS4 Data By ReDownloading Them From A PlayStation Store

A PlayStation Store has the feature that once you have bought the games from it, you can re-download it again after login into your PS4 game account with your username and password.

Therefore, follow the steps mentioned below to re-download the missing PS4 game files from PlayStation Store & save them again on your PS4 drive:


Method 4: Restore Data from PS4 Hard Drive using yodot data recovery tool

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool is the right choice to recover data from a PS4 hard drive on your Windows system. This tool has a built-in data recovery algorithm, which restores deleted and missing data from Windows hard drives and other storage drives. This tool helps you to restore data from unmountable hard drive, formatted, reformatted, missing, hidden, deleted and damaged drives with ease. In addition it helps you to accomplish ps2 memory card data recovery without any struggle.

Note: Connect ps4 hard drive to a healthy Windows computer as an external hard drive then follow the below steps to get back data.

How To Protect Your PS4 Game Videos?

You can protect or auto-save your PS4 files in the PS Plus by following the below steps:

Recommended suggestions:

  • Maintain regular backup of data from PlayStation 4
  • Keep your ps4 drive free from virus infection

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