How to Restore Data from Striped Drive?

To utilize 100% of the disk space of multiple hard disk drives, experts invented the process of Stripping. Striping refers to the distribution of data sequentially among blocks in hard disk; usually, stripping performs in RAID 0 levels. Employing stripping in the RAID 0 array, one can boost up data access speed and transfer rate in the disk. Stripping allows users to utilize complete disk space, thereby no loss of storage space in the hard drives.

Regrettably, on other hand stripping a drive causes major data loss if the disk gets fails due to any of the reasons. In RAID 0 arrays, malfunctioning of one disk results in loss of entire data stored in the stripped drive, as data is scattered between various disks. Let us discuss some instants that lead to loss of data from the stripped drive:

These listed reasons might cause the data loss from the stripped drive. Including these factors, one may encounter data loss from striped drives due to accidental formatting, shift deleting files, interrupted data transfer process and many others. However, whatever will be the data loss scenario, one can get back deleted or missing data from the stripped drive using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software on the Windows system.

Best tool for striped drive data recovery:

Yodot Hard Drive Recovery is admirable software to recover data from striped drives after unforeseen data disasters on the Windows system. The tool accomplishes thorough scanning of striped drives and restores deleted or lost data easily within a few clicks. Along with stripped drive, one can also restore erased or lost data from pen drives, memory cards, SSD drives, system hard drives, portable hard drives, etc.

Follow these steps to recover data from striped drive:

Protective Measures:

  • Always have a persistent backup of essential data from the striped drive on other external storage devices
  • Think twice before performing unnecessary formatting of the striped drive
  • Do not go for configuration of striped drive without having appropriate guidance

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