How Can I Fix My Non-Detecting Primary Hard Disk?

“Hi, I was trying some software to speed up my computer but it didn't work. So I restored default profile settings and restarted the system. Afterward, Windows was trying longer to load and it froze suddenly. Then I held the power button and clicked restart button. Later, I got “No Primary HDD detected” error instead of startup window. I tried all troubleshooting methods that I know. And, I gave up. So, what should I do now? How can I bring back my system to the normal working state?"

Primary hard drive generally holds the operating system, OS related files, application files and many. So, typically primary hard disk is the largest as well complex storage medium of your computer.

When the computer shuts down improperly (i.e. hard reset during system froze) then Windows may fail to load from primary disk and says “No Primary HDD detected”. The possible reason for this issue could be corrupted or damaged Windows Boot Manager. So, try below methods to resolve your issue.

Method 1:

Method 2:

Note: Replace D with drive letter of your CD/DVD

Method 3:

If above two methods fail to fix your issue then connect the primary drive with another working system, backup entire data from it and do fresh Windows reinstallation. If you cannot copy files manually from primary disk, then take help of Yodot Hard Drive Recovery.

Step to recover files from undetected primary disk:

Know the Yodot hard drive recovery tool:

If you are looking for a perfect way to recover data from undetected primary hard drive without any damage either to drive or data, then you must opt Yodot hard drive recovery. The tool just reads your non-detecting primary drive and lists entire files present in it. You can select files that you require and recover only those. Also, a RAW search option is available in the software which helps, if you are looking for a particular file type. Preview feature fitted with the software gives you an assurance of recovery. You face no boundaries regarding storage device while using the tool. So, even if you are thinking how to recover data from external hard disk that is not detected then Yodot is the answer. And this recovery software has a simple interface which you can run on all Windows systems.

Pay Heed!

  • Avoid abrupt restart or shut down of system
  • Periodically scan your primary hard drive and monitor its health
  • Evade saving personal/data files in primary disk

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