Why Is Hard Disk Space Showing Less Than Actual?

Indeed, it sounds like a serious matter when system hard drive shows wrong size capacity. You might wonder what might have gone wrong with the disk for showing such unusual behavior. This could even give rise to some doubts whether data residing on hard drive are safe or not. Of course, there are quite number of chances that data on such drive can be affected at times.

What could make hard drive to show less space?

It is an indication that there is some trouble in a part of firmware. A firmware is a software that is written to hard disk platters and plays a vital role for proper functioning of hard disk. It is responsible for read/write and data access operations on drive. If it gets any sort of damage then drive will eventually get corrupt – letting partial access to saved data on storage device. Another possibility could be drive head problems and some corruption issues stinging around storage disk that needs to be resolved. If right actions are not implemented on time, it can prove to be burdensome at later stages when your data gets completely damaged. To put it in another way drive data remains in an inaccessible state. Upon experiencing such incidents, the only question that arise is why hard drive shows wrong size?

Possible solution: At this point you may think of formatting the drive to reuse it. And yes, you can proceed to format the drive if you have successfully maintained a safe backup. Otherwise, you surely end up with data loss scenario.

It has also been observed that many users tried different methods to resolve this very issue. Some attempted to fix this using disk management utility and ended up deleting partitions with necessary information. In some or the other way, it resulted in deleting data while trying to settle hard drive showing incorrect size issue.

Now, it’s time to get back drive contents safe and sound. To reach this, one has to rely on Yodot Hard Drive Recovery program. It is an ultimate tool subjecting all the problems discussed in above situations including firmware glitches. This tool even serves to be helpful during

  • Accidental format/reformat operations
  • Restoring data from disk with bad sectors
  • Partition loss scenarios
  • Master Boot Record corruption and so on

All such issues with hard drive can be well-handled by this remedial approach. Besides this, your data is completely kept secured from exposure to any external sources. Any bit of information present in drive can be successfully retrieved with advanced algorithms built-in with Yodot program. This recovery technique can also be applied for SSD, flash drive as well as external hybrid hard drive recovery in multiple scenarios. Furthermore, you can run this application on any Windows platform including Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista and even Windows Server editions (2008 and 2003).

Recover data from hard drive displaying wrong size:

If the system is unable to start-up or not able to run any programs then- safely detach hard drive from the system and connect it to a well-conditioned Windows computer. Initiate data retrieval process with installing the tool on system and follow the step-by-step procedure

  • Step #1: Select Partition Recovery option on the main screen
  • Step #2: Choose the hard disk drive listed in system accessible drives and press Next button
  • Step #3: With Mark All option at top section, you can opt to restore all drive contents. Alternately, you can also mark specific data types you wish
  • Step #4: Program begins to apply scan mechanism on the drive that is specified
  • Step #5: All recoverable data is returned, optionally you can pick only the required files or else continue to preview using File Type View/Data View modes
  • Step #4: Finally make an attempt to save extracted drive data in some secured storage space

Additional note:

  • Always remember to take backup of drive data before proceeding with format operation
  • Drive can report the same issue after cloning process