Get Data Back from Dead MacBook

“My MacBook Air is not at all responding even though I tried several ways to make it work. When contacted service center, I was told that its hard drive is died. It is not a problem for me to buy new MacBook Air but data present in dead MacBook Air is very precious. Does anyone know how can I get data back from dead MacBook air? Thanks”

MacBook Air is the thinnest notebook available in market and it is extremely light weight and has long lasting battery compared to other Notebooks. But sometimes MacBook does not respond to your commands and fails to boot. In such situation all you have to do is press the control key, power button as well as command key at the same time and hold on pressing them for few seconds. In case MacBook starts then it might had some software issue which is now resolved and you can access information stored in it. However, if you still finds it difficult to switch on MacBook air then it is an indication of deadness.

MacBook Air deadness indications:

  • MacBook Air sometimes produce noise when you switch it on. But if you get sound which is unbearable then it is a clear sign of deadness
  • As soon as you click on any file, it will open immediately however if MacBook Air is going to dead, it will takes long time to open that file and sometimes does not open at all
  • MacBook Air keeps rebooting frequently when it is about to die and does not allow you to do any work
  • MacBook Air will die in case you are using it from many years and it has formed bad sectors

Dead MacBook Air Data Recovery:

In the absence of backup, it becomes very difficult to restore files from dead MacBook Air. But with the usage of right data recovery software, one can get back complete data from dead MacBook Air notebook. The application will display recoverable files in Mac styled menu which will make you to easily find for files you are looking for. This utility has the ability to restore all types of files like documents, pictures, music, videos, compressed files, animations and even applications from MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iMac and external storage devices which is compatible with Mac running operating systems such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks. The size of the software is also small and it will consume less space on Mac hard drive. Download free demo version of the software in order to recover data from dead MacBook hard drive.

Procedure to regain data from dead MacBook Air:

  • Remove hard drive from Dead MacBook and connect it to a healthy computer
  • Download and install Mac Data Recovery software to that system
  • Run the application and go as per the instructions given on the screen
  • Main screen shows two options which are “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • Select first option and then choose the drive from where you need to regain files
  • Upon clicking on “Next” option the utility starts scanning and shows you the list of restorable files
  • Pick files you which you want to restore and view them using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview retrieved files for confirmation and at last save them on a desired destination

Things to Remember:

  • Backup important files as soon as MacBook Air starts showing the indication of deadness
  • Do not try to repair dead MacBook by yourself as it may lead to permanent removal of files

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