Restore Data from LaCie Minimus 3TB External Hard Drive

LaCie Minimus 3TB external hard drive is well known for its design and high access speed. It has the power and performance of USB 3.0 combined with an ultra compact size. When compared to other external hard drives, it is the smallest one in market and perfect choice for users to save huge amount of data like hard drive. It is very easy to transfer HD videos, pictures, music tracks, application files and other data with USB 3.0, which is the fastest Interface and takes less time to transfer large sized files. Though LaCie Minimus external hard drive has many advantages, it has drawbacks as well. Common difficulty faced by LaCie Minimus 3TB external hard drive users is data loss, which can happen at any instant of time.

Let us picture a scenario, wherein you have LaCie Minimus 3TB external hard drive with two volumes. You thought of creating one more volume in order to divide LaCie Minimus 3TB external hard drive memory space into three volumes. You launched “Disk Utility” from your Mac machine in order to create the volume on LaCie Minimus 3 TB external hard drive. However, instead of clicking on “+”mark (which is used to create a volume), accidentally you clicked on “-” mark (which is used to delete a volume). Mac OS prevented you from erasing the volume and displayed a confirmation message. But in a hurry, you did not pay much attention to this error warning and proceeded to delete the volume. Now the volume that held important files and folders is gone from your LaCie Minimus 3TB external hard drive.

Creating partition on LaCie Minimus 3TB external hard drive is a good idea to manage and organize your files. It is always recommended to backup your important files first, before partitioning or formatting partitions on external hard drive. But if something goes wrong and you didn’t take data backup, then what will you do if you face data loss. When data loss takes place, you might assume that data is lost forever from LaCie Minimus 3TB USB hard drive. Nonetheless, it is not true and by employing a correct external hard drive data recovery tool, you can rescue data from LaCie Minimus 3TB external hard drive on Mac OS.

How data is lost from LaCie Minimus 3TB external hard drive?

  • Improper Disconnection: Incorrectly detaching the USB cable that is connecting LaCie Minimum 3TB external hard drive and Mac machine is the most common cause for data loss. This might damage file system and external hard disk cannot be accessed by the user. Therefore after completing your work, you should always disconnect drive from Mac computer by clicking on “Safely Remove Hardware” or “Eject” functions
  • Virus Interference: You may be curious to know how LaCie Minimus 3TB external hard drive can get infected by viruses, since it does not exchange data on the Internet. However, many viruses could get lurked in your Mac machine for a long time waiting to get activated. But once Lacie 3TB external hard drive is plugged in, viruses will be activated and infect the external hard drive causing terrible data loss
  • Accidental deletion: As a Mac user, you understand that the deleted files will go to the Trash and you can restore then whenever you need. But when you accidentally delete any file from external hard drive, files does not get stored in Trash and will be lost forever

To get rid of above mentioned situation, few Mac users allow “Time machine” utility to backup data whenever they connect LaCie Minimus 3 TB external drive to Mac machine. But sometimes one may forget to enable “Time machine” and when data is lost, they regret thinking that they should have allowed “Time machine” to backup their data. However, just chill!!!! Now it is very easy to recover data from Lacie Minimus 3 TB external hard drive with the help of external hard drive recovery software like Yodot Mac Data Recovery

Data Recovery from Lacie Minimus 3 TB external hard drive

Yodot Mac Data Recovery can be called as excellent data recovery for restoring data from external hard drives like LaCie Minimus 3 TB external hard drive von Macintosh system. It recovers data from LaCie external hard drive even after most drastic data loss situations. Its read-only application, which keeps original file intact and hence, ensures secure recovery of data from LaCie Minimus 3 TB external hard drive. This data recovery software scans your LaCie Minimus 3 TB to identify and retrieve deleted, lost and formatted files from it. Soon after scanning, it displays all recovered files. You can choose files which are needed and ignore the rest. Moreover, you can preview recovered media files before saving them to a specified location on your Mac machine.

Steps to restore data from LaCie Minimus 3TB external hard drive

  • First of all connect LaCie Minimus 3TB external hard drive to your Mac computer
  • Download and install Yodot Mac Data Recovery software to the computer in which LaCie Minimus 3 TB external hard drive has been connected
  • As soon as you run the software, you will find two main options which are “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery”
  • According to the data loss situation, choose the correct option
  • The application now scans and displays all the physical and external volumes connected to the Mac system
  • Select the external volume which represents your LaCie Minimus 3 TB external hard drive and click on “Next”
  • Choose the desired file types which you want to recover or simply select “Mark All” option to choose all the file types by default
  • Select the recovered files using two distinct view types i.e. Data View and File Type View
  • Preview media files and at last save recovered files in a location you prefer

Important Points

  • Keep backup of important files regularly to ensure that  you have two copies of all your important data
  • It is highly recommended to scan LaCie Minimus 3TB external hard drive soon after connecting to Mac

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