Bring Back Lost Data After Mac Mavericks Upgrade

“My Apple computer was running with Mountain Lion operating system. I thought the new arrived Mac Mavericks would provide better enhancement over Mountain Lion and hence decided to upgrade it to Mavericks. When the upgrade process was about to finish, my system got shut down unexpectedly for unknown reason. Upon restarting my system, I have restarted upgrade process and it was successfully done. But the files which I have stored in my computer were missing from it. Kindly someone let me know the way to get back my lost files after upgrading to Mac mavericks”

Mac OS X latest offering Mavericks has brought up new features with significantly improved power optimization, make over to the already existing application such as safari and calendar, tag functionality, multiple displays and so on. It even added mapping software and finder tabs with greater flexibility. With Mac Mavericks, you will benefit a lot from the new applications and features that has been added to it. Your Mac machine will perform well while less power needed. As Mac Mavericks OS can be free upgraded from Apple store; many users rush to upgrade it without taking backup of vital data. Upgrading to Mac Mavericks does not mean that you will lose all your vital data from Mac computer. Although upgrading to Mac Mavericks will retain your documents, photos, videos, folders and other files, some situation as given above might render loss of entire information from your Mac computer.

However, sometimes problems may arise even after upgrading Mac OS to Mavericks. In case upgrade process was not proper, then volume on your Mac computer may get corrupted, which results in ‘access denied’ error message. In such situation many users opt to format the drive in order to reuse it; since formatting erases entire data, you will lose your precious data from Mac Mavericks.

Data retrieval after Mavericks Upgrade:

If you have lost data due to Mavericks up-gradation, then immediately download Yodot Mac Data Recovery. It has been updated for supporting Mac Mavericks for the first time, so that users who have lost their data after Mac Mavericks upgrade can restore it back. This software allows you to retrieve Microsoft Office files, application files, games, photos, Raw images, video clips, audio files and lots more that you wish to restore back. It is included with ‘Advanced Scan’ option which deeply scans your Mac hard drive to assists you in restoring files from even after critical data loss scenarios such as corruption, hard drive crash, operating system reinstallation, formatting etc. Once the recovery of files is done, it will display the recovered data in a Mac finder view for easy selection. Along with this, it will show you the preview of restored media files like photos, videos, and music files, so that you can examine its quality prior to activating full version.

Steps to get back data after Mavericks update

Preventive actions:

  • Do not take chance and create backup of important files before upgrading to Mac Mavericks
  • Commence the process of Mavericks upgrading only if you have sufficient knowledge about it

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