Retrieve Data from MacBook Air That Fails to Start After Update

“On my Macbook Air running with El Capitan, I downloaded and installed some updates (iTunes, iBook, and more updates of about 100MB) and restarted the machine for updates to take effect. But the Mac never started again. I am worried now and not able to find what the problem is. I tried all combinations of keys to reset but I got no result; as it is not booting. I have stored almost all my vital office files and folders on my Macbook, so can someone please help me to solve the issue?”

You can follow below troubleshooting to make your Macbook boot normally:

  • Hold power button until your MacBook turns off completely and then release it. Press the power button after few minutes to turn it on.
  • Safe Mode: turn on Mac > when you hear start up sound press and hold Shift key> when you see Apple logo release it > If Mac starts up, this might be an indication of Mac having not enough memory.
  • Reset NVRAM: Shut down Mac and turn it on > press and hold Command-Option-P-R keys when you hear start up sound > system will restart > when you hear second startup sound leave the keys
  • Open Terminal in /Applications/Utilities > type system_profiler SPExtensionsDataType > ~/Desktop/kextList.txt and strike on return > open kextList.txt file created on desktop and simultaneously press “Apple (Command)” and “F” keys > in find field, type Obtained from: Not Signed > Copy destination to .kext file > Click next > go to /System/Library/Extensions and get rid of unsigned kext files > Reboot

If none of the above techniques helped you then it might be an issue with MacBook hard drive itself. Your Macbook might be corrupted after update. So first thing you need to do is safeguarding your vital data. But how to protect data when Macintosh is not at all starting? No issues. Yodot Mac Data Recovery program is there to give you a helping hand to preserve your precious data.

Admirable tool to recover unbootable MacBook data after update:

Apart from erroneous update there might be numerous reasons for non-working MacBook like dead logic board, power outage, improper shutdown, hard drive failure, bad sector, bad RAM, and more. But the perfect solution to securely bring back your data from MacBook will be Yodot. This software is best selection to use in mentioned situations to effectively retrieve your data, as it is proficient in recovering each and every file from MacBook hard drive that won’t start after update. When your Macintosh is corrupt and not showing any data due to El Capitan upgrade error, Yosemite upgradation failure etc reasons, you can trust Yodot which has ability to restore entire data present on your Mac drive safely. By employing this program, you can achieve retrieval of MS Office documents, images, music, videos and many other forms of files from MacBook – Air & Pro running with all versions of OS X. Along with MacBook, the tool assists you restoring data from dead Mac Mini, iMac Mac desktops, external hard drives and other storage devices like media cards, flash drive, Fire wire drive etc. Not only Mac, Yodot will also guide you assuredly when you are worried how to recover lost files after Windows update.

Way to retrieve data from non-working Macbook after update:

  • Connect the hard drive from your MacBook which is not starting after update to a healthy Macintosh as external drive
  • Install Yodot Mac Data Recovery program to healthy Mac
  • Click on Volume Recovery and pick connected drive from displayed list
  • Select Advance Scan and click on Next button
  • Specify file type if you wish to restore particularly; else Click on Skip option
  • Mark files to restore from the list of located files either using Data View or File Types View
  • Preview restored data and mention destination folder to save them

Useful Tips:

  • Save and backup your important files regularly, to multiple locations – use Time Machine
  • Create an image backup BEFORE the first signs of hard drive failure

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