Extract Files from Trash MacBook Air

Emptied Trash on MacBook Air but want to restore files back? Unable to get them back from Trash Bin manually? If yes, then you are exactly at right place…

MacBook Air is best Notebook model designed by Apple because of its modest and reliable features. Entry level Apple Notebook is allowed with fourth generation Intel Core processor, having storage capacity of 64GB, 128GB or 256GB. MacBook air has a feature called Trash. It acts as temporary container to store removed files from MacBook Air and those files resides until Trash is emptied. Although, MacBook Air has superior features, sometimes it is possible that you may experience files deletion from many situations. This result in some serious problem.

What will happen when you empty Trash Bin on MacBook Air?

When user empty Trash Bin, what they are removing is not actually the file. They just lose access to removed files from MacBook Air system. Space occupied by erased files will be marked as 'Available to reuse' but the physical intact of deleted files will be on that drive. In order to prevent overwriting, it is recommended for user to stop using MacBook Air immediately if they want to retrieve deleted files from Trash.

Some other scenarios for files loss or deletion are listed below:

However, as said you before erased files will be stored in Trash Bin on MacBook Air. You can easily restore deleted files from Trash until you empty it. Otherwise it is necessary to use trustworthy recovery software to bring back those files.

How to regain files from MacBook Air Trash:

Yodot Mac File Recovery is good program to retrieve cleared files from Trash Bin on MacBook Air. Its advanced feature makes it easier to retrieve deleted files from Trash in secure and safe way. This Mac file recovery app has ability to restore documents, keynotes, pages, presentations, generic media files, compressed files, Office files and many other file types with ease. It can retrieve files from Mac system after accidental formatting of its hard disk or volume corruption. Along with MacBook Air, it can retrieve deleted files from Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, Mac and iMac Pro Apple system. The utility is flexible to recover files from Trash on Mountain Lion OS X 10.8, Lion OS X 10.7, Leopard OS X 10.5, Snow Leopard OS X 10.6, Mavericks OS X 10.9 and Yosemite OS X 10.10. It is facilitated to sort out retrieved files based on their file size, file name, date of creation, file extension, etc. Further most it can recover deleted, lost, formatted data from Mac volumes / drives with HFS, HFS+, HFSX, FAT and ExFAT file systems.

Steps to use Yodot Mac File Recovery software:

Notable Points:

  • Do not delete files from Trash of MacBook Air computer without checking it properly
  • Avoid adding new files to MacBook Air HDD after deletion of files

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