Retrieve Files from Trash on Mac Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard is the most used version of Mac operating system, introduced by Apple. There are many significant features in Mac Snow Leopard, which attracts the users towards it such as graphical user interface, Time Machine facility, expandable Trash and others. Unlike Windows Recycle Bin that has limited size; Mac Snow Leopard Trash has flexible memory space. Though Trash bin in Mac Snow Leopard OS owns such high-end aspects, there is still a prospect of data loss due to human mistakes or logical errors.

One may come across a situation like accidentally deleting files from Trash on Mac Snow Leopard based system. We know how frustrating it can be, when you click on Delete option instead of Restore option while attempting to restore some essential files on Trash. In such circumstances don’t blame yourself as there is always a possibility of recovering deleted files from Trash on Mac Snow Leopard.

How files are deleted from Trash on Mac Snow Leopard?

  • Removing files from Trash on Mac Snow Leopard by treating that it is not required for further usage and afterwards finding its importance
  • Enabling “Auto Empty Trash” option on Mac Snow Leopard, which automatically empties Trash folder
  • Emptying Trash without checking its files and folders soon after every deletion process will erase some necessary files that are accidentally or unknowingly deleted

Suppose if you have faced any of the above mentioned scenarios and searching about how to get back deleted or missing files from Trash on Mac Snow Leopard? Then don’t get upset, make use of proficient file recovery tool to retrieve files from Trash on Snow Leopard system.

Getting files from Trash on Mac Snow Leopard:

Yodot Mac File Recovery is one such relevant application used to extract deleted or missing files from Trash on Mac Snow Leopard. It can retrieve text files (DOC, PPT, PDF, XLS, etc.), photo files (JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc.), audio/video files (MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.), HTML files, database files and others successfully from Trash. Even when entire deleted folder is not in Trash Mac, the software can easily restore its content. This application undeletes files from flash cards, pen drives, portable hard drives, etc. Including Mac Snow Leopard this tool restores files from Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating systems based computers or notebooks. This tool recovers facilitates users to sort out recovered files based on their file name, file size, file extension, date of creation, etc.

Steps to bring back files from Trash on Mac Snow Leopard:

  • Download Yodot Mac File Recovery application to your Mac system (desktop / laptop)
  • Install the software and follow the main screen steps
  • Once the program has been launched, it will provide two options such as “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Click on any of the options based on data loss scenario to bring back deleted or lost files from Trash on Mac Snow Leopard
  • Select the drive or volume (C:Drive) from where you have to extract files from Trash
  • The tool scans and displays all the retrieved files; you can view them in “File Type View “ and “Data View” which helps you in to finding your preferred files easily
  • Select desired files from the list which you want to retrieve back and click “Next” button
  • Browse for the destination location to save your restored files, however no to the same Drive from where you have regained files
  • In addition, the software provides option to save recovered files on any removable storage device such as external hard drives, pen drives, CDs, DVDs etc

Useful Instructions:

  • Do not enable Auto Empty Trash button on Mac Snow Leopard computers
  • Backup high importance Mac files on external storage devices to avoid unexpected loss or deletion of files
  • Before emptying Mac Snow Leopard Trash folder check its contents

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