How to Restore Hidden Folders on Mac?

“A few days back I had hidden some of the important folders on my Mac laptop hard drive. But, now I forgot the location where I had hidden them. How can I recover hidden folders from Mac notebook?”

We usually hide any of the folders over Mac system to ensure that some of the intended folders are beyond reach of common user. This thing is usually done by the users who share single system or account with multiple users. Some of the tricks that users use to hide folders over Mac are hiding folders from Mac Terminal, hiding folders in Library, set visibility attribute to invisible or you can even make use of third party software. Although it’s a great deal to keep significant data unrevealed to others, sometimes user become victims of unexpected consequences and fails to explore hidden folders on their Macintosh machines.

Luckily, Mac users are provided a few ways to unhide all folders and files. You can use Finder option to unhide folders manually. For this purpose, you can follow these steps; Open Finder then navigate to Applications -> Utilities -> Launch “Terminal”. On Terminal window type defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE and then press Enter after that, again type kill all Finder command on second line and press Enter. Now you can see all hidden files and folders in Finder.

If you feel above process quite confusing and want an effective solution to recover hidden folders on Mac OS X, then you can take advantage of third party Mac folder recovery software. The best thing about using folder recovery app is that it can restore hidden folders on Mac even if folders are deleted or lost due to unknown reasons.

Which software to use?

Yodot Mac File Recovery is an advanced folder recovery program which can regain hidden folders on Macintosh system. It is designed with rich GUI to facilitate users’ easy steps to retrieve hidden/inaccessible folders and files on Mac computers and laptops which are installed with Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating systems. Additionally software has proficiency in restoring hidden, lost or deleted folders on various storage drives such as USB drive, external HDD, SSD and memory cards on Mac. This utility does deep scanning of Mac system and brings back entire folders and files which are hidden or missing on any storage drive for any purpose.

Procedure to get back hidden folders!

Points to Remember!

  • Save a list containing the name of all folders which you have hidden on Mac
  • Also, back up important folders and files on any removable storage drive such pen drive or external HDD

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