Recover Deleted Files Using Terminal on Mac

Mac is an operating system that was designed and developed by Apple Inc for their personal computers. They have a uniquely built advanced user interface and have an orderly arrangement of icons that proves to be more helpful in completing your tasks. There are different versions of Mac OS that are available for the users are Mac OS X 10.5.x and above including Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Mac OS has special feature that is it provides us with the Terminal window, using which the user can easily perform certain tasks by keeping some commands in mind. You can copy files from one volume to other volume, create directories and perform many other operations just by entering few easy commands. Now all of us know that remembering commands is not that easy, so the best thing to do is to use the graphical interface and complete our work.

Sometimes when you use terminal for performing some tasks, there are possibilities of you accidentally deleting some of the valuable files from system while trying to remove unwanted data. These types of accidents keep happening for the beginners as they are not well gripped with the commands. So to rescue files deleted via terminal? No need to worry now! You can easily retrieve files deleted using terminal on Mac by using the services of professional Mac file recovery tool.

How do files get deleted using Command Prompt?

The command which leads to the deletion of files from Mac terminal is when user types rm –RF command in terminal box. After this you have to drop the file in the terminal that’s open and your file gets deleted. There is no way this process can be stopped in between after the file is thrown in that terminal. So, the best thing to do is to be careful while selecting the required files and not to select valuable information which may create severe data loss.

Best File Recovery Software for Mac

Yodot Mac File Recovery is the known application that is available today to help users to restore their essential files that got deleted from Mac Terminal unintentionally. This Universal Binary application is allows users to recover files disappeared from desktop, and Mac Terminal on all Mac computers that works on both Intel and PowerPC platforms. Simpler graphical user interface helps the user to follow the file retrieval process without getting stuck at any place. Apart from recovering files that are deleted using the Terminal, you can also rescue the data that got deleted after emptying Trash folder, formatting volumes, files and folders get deleted while making new partition and many other scenarios. The software recovers Sticky Notes, documents, images, videos, .exe files, and many more files after deletion or loss of the files. Get a look at the demo version of Yodot Mac File Recovery application, so that you can evaluate your chances of getting back deleted information effectively.

Follow the step by step procedure to get back your deleted files from Mac

Backup Tips:

  • Keep a backup of all vital files in a separate drive
  • Always double check the files before deleting them
  • Install good antivirus application to prevent virus infection

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