Find Document That Is either Deleted or Not Currently Accessible

After spending weeks of time for the preparation of your important document, you will save it with great fulfillment. Later you need to accomplish a little change to that file, so you will try to open it from Recent Documents list. What if, you experience an error “the file is either deleted or not accessible” instead of seeing your file? The assumption is itself horrible right? Well, this article helps you to learn how to handle situations like these…

“I am facing issues with my Office 2016 application. Whenever I try to access the file from Recent list, I get a message that states “This document is either deleted or not currently accessible.” and it also suggests me to close or remove the file from list. I have tried to resolve this problem by reinstalling Office on my Mac, but still the issue crops up. If anyone of you had come across this incident then please help me to fix it.”

What is “This document is either deleted or not currently accessible” error?

“This document is either deleted or not currently accessible” is an error code, which appears when you make any effort to access files that are:


You may also face File Not Found error instead of above error message; but the cause would be same for both. Now you need to verify whether your file is present in source location or not. So go to the location where you have saved the file and check it. If file is there, open it, save once and close. Then try below techniques to fix the issue.

Go to file’s source location, open it and close. Now you can see your file in Recent files list of Office application.

In case your file is not sited on its original path then it might be deleted unknowingly or lost without your knowledge. So you can follow this method to recover missing file.

How to restore file that cannot be accessed from recent files list:

Safe tool to recover Mac files:

Yodot Mac File Recovery is the most reliable as well efficient program to restore Mac files and folders. The application aids you to easily recover lost pages doc, Office files like Word, PPT, Excel and more. Even it supports restoration of basic image and music files. No matter what might be the error you are experiencing, if your data is in inaccessible state then the tool helps you to access it with no doubt. The software runs flawlessly and accomplishes data recovery process on almost all versions of OS X. This wonderful tool also assists you in retrieving files from internal as well external hard drives, USB, pen drive, Firewire drive, media cards etc. With its smart UI and supportive technical guidance, any user can employ it without any difficulty.


  • Always close Office application properly
  • Keep your Mac system update with patches & security fixes

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