Restore Deleted Files from Local Drive

“I have an assortment of my precious files on local drive of my computer. Unfortunately, I deleted few vital files along with some needless files. I checked the Recycle Bin folder for deleted files but I could not find them. Is it possible to recover deleted files from local drive on Windows PC? Please suggest me!”

Usually we divide Windows computer hard drive into certain local drives for achieving an easy and effective arrangement of data. When you delete any file or folder from local disks, it doesn’t permanently erase its information from hard drive’s physical memory; only its index information will be erased from file allocation table. File content resides in local drive until new files occupies/overwrites that space with its data. So before deleted file gets overwritten, there is excellent opportunity to retrieve deleted files from local disk with the aid of professional file recovery utility. Prior to that, look at the following cases accountable for deleting files from local drive:

  • Shift deleting files from local drive on Windows PC does not move them to Recycle Bin and users don’t have any manual option to restore files
  • Often users forget to recheck the Recycle Bin contents before emptying it; such mistake could cause deletion of crucial files which got mistakenly deleted from any local drive by users and residing in the Recycle Bin
  • You may encounter deletion of files from computer’s local disk after the usage of any third party applications like anti-virus programs, CCleaner, Disk Cleanup and others
  • Viruses are also equally responsible for unexpected deletion of files from local hard disk drive. Sometimes, users may delete certain files after finding that files are severely corrupted. Sometimes, virus infection can hide the files and folders on the drive from the users. If this is the case, how to recover hidden files on external hard drive or computer's internal hard disk drive?

However, users need not worry. As said before files deleted from local drive on your computer can be restored by using suitable file recovery tool like Yodot File Recovery.

File recovery tool for local drive:

File Recovery tool is the most referred utility to retrieve deleted files from any local drive / partition on Windows PC hard drive. It is an outstanding solution to get deleted files back after Shift + Delete, use of Windows command prompt, emptying Recycle Bin and other scenarios. This software offers fastest file recovery procedure to undelete files from local drives formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAt and ReFS file systems on all latest Windows operating systems including Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008. With the aid of this tool, one can restore deleted or lost Microsoft Office documents, archive files, PDF files, basic media files and other type files from various storage devices.

Steps to perform deleted file recovery from local drive:

  • Download software to your computer and install it on any drive except the local drive from where files have been deleted
  • Launch it and proceed with the options provided on main window
  • To retrieve your deleted files from local drive, you have to select "Deleted File Recovery" option on the main window
  • Software will scan the computer to locate and show all local drives and partitions
  • Select particular local disk from where files have been deleted
  • Now software will scan the selected local drive and display the recoverable files in ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’
  • To display all the files in hierarchical form, use ‘Data View’ option; otherwise click on ‘File Type View’ to display files based on file extensions
  • Select all deleted files which you wish to recover from local drive and click Next
  • Finally, select the destination location on your computer hard drive to save your recovered files. Users are suggested to avoid saving recovered files onto the same local drive from where files had been deleted

Practices to Avoid Data Loss!

  • Maintain backup of valuable files saved on local drive to any removable drives like USB flash drive, external hard drive, memory cards, etc
  • Use an efficient anti-virus app to keep your system hard drive or local drives free from viruses or other external threats
  • You can make your files read only to avoid accidental deletion

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