How to Recover Disappeared Files From Mac?

Mac users might feel like their souls leave their bodies the first time they find that their files and folders disappeared from their Mac desktop. But don't panic this is a common problem and there are many ways to restore those files back.

This article helps you with every essential solution regarding the Mac desktop.

Why Do My Files Disappear From Mac?

Files can disappear From Mac due to various reasons. Some of the most common reasons are addressed below.

While the above reasons do not account to every instance of files missing from desktop, the solutions below should be able to help you recover disappearing desktop files from Mac regardless of the error.

How to Recover Files that Disappeared From Desktop Mac?

Now that you have a fair understanding of the major reasons leading to desktop files/folders disappearing mac, here are some solutions to help you recover folders or files that disappeared from Desktop on macOS.

Method 1: Search for Files:

Utilize the search box provided on the Mac Finder and search files that you suspect that they are disappeared from the Mac desktop. If you are able to see those files, then immediately copy them and paste them to a safe location.

Method 2: Check whether they are Hidden:

Mac has a built-in application called Terminal. Using this application, you can search, delete or modify files and folders. In order to find hidden files or folders go to Mac terminal and type ‘defaults write com. apple.finder appleahowfiles TRUE’. After typing, press upon ‘Enter’. This will close Mac Terminal and shows those files which are hidden.

Method 3: Check Trash Bin:

Many times you may move files to Trash Bin and forget about it. So check Trash Bin to see if the disappeared files have resided in it. In case you find those files, then right click on it and select the “Put back” option to see it in a source location.

Method 4: Restore Files through Time Machine:

If you have set up a Time Machine backup drive to take incremental backup, you can use the backup and the restoration app to restore your disappeared files from the backup drive. The steps are as follows:

When you don't have a Time Machine backup and you want to recover desktop files disappeared from Mac quickly,it can be doneusing an effective and reliable software like Yodot Mac File Recovery.

Method 5: How To Recover Permanently Deleted desktop files on Mac?

Yodot Mac File Recovery software recovers permanently deleted desktop files on Mac by performing deep scanning of hard drives. It explains each and every step in an understandable way so that you can smoothly recover disappeared files from the Mac desktop without any difficulties. Many users have used this application to recover numbers files, Keynotes, Pages documents, Word files, MS Office files, archive files, PDF documents, get Sticky Notes, and other file formats that disappeared from Mac desktop. The success ratio of Yodot Mac File Recovery tool is very high and you can retrieve entire files from various storage devices such as pen drive, memory card, internal as well as an external hard drive, memory sticks, and so on.

Steps to recover disappeared files from Mac desktop:

Beneficial Points:

  • It is advised to run Time machine every time when you switch on your Mac computer.
  • Never rush to delete files when Mac desktop’s screen is full with files and folders.

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