Get Back Disappeared Files from Mac Desktop

“Few files which I have saved on my Mac desktop have disappeared automatically without any notification. I have no idea behind its disappearance and also I don’t have the habit of running Time machine to backup files. Is there any positive way which help me to get back those disappeared files from my Mac desktop? Hoping for helpful response...”

At times you might notice that few files from your Mac desktop are missing or they have just disappeared. It is really shocking especially for those who have stored important files and folders in Mac desktop. As soon as you switch on your Mac computer, the first Window that appears to you is desktop. Since one can easily access files from desktop without searching for them, users always prefer to save their important files or folders in desktop. But sometimes when you switch on your Mac computer, you might be surprised to see that files have disappeared from its desktop. However, before you assume that they are permanently gone from your Mac desktop, refer following points to see if you can restore disappeared files from desktop:

  • Search for Files: Utilize search box provided on Mac finder and search files which you suspect that they are disappeared from Mac desktop. If you are able to see those files, then immediately copy them and paste it to a safe location
  • Check whether they are Hidden: Mac has built in application called Terminal. Using this application, you can search, delete or modify files and folders. In order to find hidden files or folders go to Mac terminal and type ‘defaults write appleahowfiles TRUE’. After typing, press upon ‘Enter’. This will close Mac Terminal and shows those files which are hidden
  • Check Trash Bin: Many times you may move files to Trash Bin and forget about it. So check Trash Bin to see if the disappeared files are resided in it. In case you find those files, then right click on it and select “Put back” option to see it in a source location

If these techniques do not work, then it indicates that disappeared files do not exist on your Mac computer. But you can make disappeared files appear by using assured file recovery software named Yodot Mac File Recovery.

Mac desktop file recovery software:

Yodot Mac File Recovery software can perform deep scanning of hard drive to scan and find disappeared files from Mac Desktop. It explains each and every step in an understandable way so that you can smoothly restore disappeared files from Mac desktop without any difficulties. Many users have used this application to recover numbers file, Keynotes, Pages documents, AbiWord files, MS Office files, archive files, PDF documents, get Sticky Notes, and other file formats disappeared from Mac desktop. Its success ratio is very high and you can retrieve entire files from various storage devices such as pen drive, memory card, internal as well as external hard drive, memory sticks and so on. Along with disappeared files, it can guide you to regain deleted or lost data from certain folders such as My documents, my videos, my pictures, my music, downloads etc. However, only few generic media files can be retrieved; users need to utilize Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool to restore all types of media files from Macintosh computer. It also makes sure that the original content of the files will not be altered and retains its quality even after recovery.

Steps and go according to it to recover disappeared files from Mac desktop:

  • First of all download Yodot Mac File Recovery software and install it to your Mac computer
  • Run the software and begin to restore disappeared files as per the instructions provided on the screen
  • On the main screen, you can see two options which are “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • As files are disappeared from your Mac computer, you need to select “Lost File Recovery” option
  • Soon after that application displays available storage drive on your computer
  • Select the drive from where you want to bring back disappeared files
  • Wait till the scanning process gets completed and pick restorable files
  • In case you want to restore entire files, then hit on “Skip” option
  • Click either on “Data View” or “File Type View” for easy selection of files
  • At the end save retrieved files to desired location on Mac computer hard drive or external storage media

Beneficial Points:

  • It is advised to run Time machine every time when you switch on your Mac computer
  • Never rush to delete files when Mac desktop’s screen is full with files and folders

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