How to Recover Disappeared Files from MacBook?

“Few files from my MacBook Pro have been disappeared automatically; actually yesterday before shutting it down, I have checked and those files were present in the location where I have saved them. But they are no longer present in my MacBook. Is there any method that I can follow to find files which have been disappeared from my MacBook?”

MacBook is a notebook introduced by Apple Inc. which has gained popularity in a short span of time. It allows you to add huge amount of data and you can carry it wherever you go as it is portable. However, sometimes even though you have not deleted any files or transferred them to another location, files from MacBook might get disappear without your knowledge. In such circumstances, one can follow below mentioned procedure to make disappeared files appear on MacBook

How Do I Get Back Disappearing Files On My MacBook Manually?

Restore Disappeared Files From MacBook

If you have already gone through above procedure and could not find disappeared files in MacBook, then those files may not exist in your MacBook. To make them visible, you are recommended to download software named Yodot Mac File Recovery. This software will scan specified drive and display recoverable files in a Mac styled menu which will makes it easier to restore files. One can view retrieved files based on their file size, created date and file type for easy identification. As the application works on read only mode, it will not write single byte to existing files that you want to regain back. One can bring back MS Office, iWork Suit, Adobe, Archives and other file formats which got disappeared from MacBook (MacBook Pro, MacBook Air), iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro desktop. Also, one can effortlessly recover lost files from Mac computers running with Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating systems.

Steps to get back files disappeared from MacBook:

Preventive Tips:

  • Always run ‘Time machine’ utility to backup your files present in MacBook
  • Be careful while commencing any action using Mac Terminal

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