Best Way To Repair Corrupted MOV Files On MacBook Pro

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

MOV is a common multimedia file format often used for saving movies and other videos files using a proprietary compression algorithm developed by Apple computer. The MOV files can be played on QuickTime media player, which is a built-in media player for most of the videos files that are played on Mac OS X. The files that are saved in .MOV file format are in compressed form, which makes it easier to download and stream video from internet to your Mac computer or other portable media devices. Many of the movies that are available online and the videos that are captured from various DSLR cameras are in .mov format. The MOV format specifies a multimedia file container that contains one or more tracks, each of which stores a particular type of data like audio, video, effects or text.

Since many movie and video files that are available online are distributed in .MOV format, there are many chances were your MOV files get corrupted while downloading or transferring via network. This is not only the reason for corruption of MOV files on MacBook Pro; there are many situations where your MOV files may get corrupted and refuse to play on MacBook Pro notebook.

Some of the common reasons for MOV file corruption on MacBook Pro are mentioned below:

All the MacBook Pro user or some of the other problem with MOV file then don’t panic. There are many video repair tools available for fixing corrupted MOV files on MacBook Pro. If you are not familiar of which repair tool use, then here is the efficient MOV file repair tool from Yodot. This application has simple interface and an entirely automated repair process. Even less computer knowledge users can also easily use this software for fixing corrupted MOV files on MacBook Pro.

MOV video repair tool for MacBook Pro:

Yodot Video Repair is the best video repair tool used by most of the Mac OS X users for fixing their corrupted MOV video files on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air notebooks. This software is extremely efficient in repairing all the MOV files that are corrupted because of file transfer error, firmware error, file system corruption, card error etc. on MacBook Pro. This tool extracts audio and video data from the corrupted MOV file separately and generates a new healthy MOV file without affecting the original source. This application repairs the corrupted MOV files that are damaged on various mobile phones, camcorders, DSLR cameras etc on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion systems. This tool easily fixes the MOV, MP4 and M4V video files that are corrupted and does not play on Apple Quick Time player or other media player on MacBook Pro.

How to use Yodot Video Repair on MacBook Pro:


  • Don’t use any third party tool for converting MOV files format to other file formats
  • It’s better to have backup of your important MOV files
  • Use good anti-virus program to remove virus or spyware from MacBook

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