How to Mend Microsoft Outlook 2007 Not Responding?

“I have been using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 for about 6 months with no problems. I have Windows 7 professional operating system. When I click to view my email through Outlook alert box prompts out with a red X stating "Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Cannot open the Outlook Window" I ran a capability test and it says it's incompatible. What to do now? How to fix this problem? Is there any problem with the Outlook utility? Should I re-install? Please help”

Outlook is considered as the busiest Windows application. E-mails, RSS feeds calendars, tasks, notes and the integration of Outlook with Microsoft Word along with some third party addins gets passed through this Outlook 2007 utility. There are possibilities that Outlook 2007 program may fail to respond at certain times. Before finding a way out of this mess, go through the scenarios that are mentioned below:

  • Oversized PST File: Each and every Outlook application has a prescribed limit maintained for PST file. If the size of the PST file is not checked regularly then your PST file may get damaged as a result of which Microsoft Outlook 2007 fails to respond
  • Improper up gradation: During the upgrading process of Outlook 2007 application user may face some glitches and the system shutdown occurs abruptly. This may cause serious trouble as your Outlook 2007 utility fails to start / respond
  • Synchronization Error: Internet breakdown during the synchronization process of Outlook application can cause errors in the PST file. Once synchronization error takes place, Outlook PST file fails to respond and your work comes to stand still

Program to Fix Outlook 2007 not responding:

Issues like Microsoft Outlook 2007 program not responding can arise at any point of time and you just have to keep your calm till it functions normally. With a look at the above mentioned scenarios we came to that irrespective number of times your run the Outlook 2007 utility the problem remains the same. Not anymore, with the effective use of Yodot Outlook PST Repair program along with the help of simple user interface repairing process can be completed as soon as possible. With the presence of “read-only” algorithms user can be sure that no further damage is caused to the original 2007 Microsoft Outlook PST file. Apart from fixing Outlook 2007 not responding issue, user can also resolve problems like CRC error, PST header corruption, synchronization errors, virus infection, etc. on Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003 Outlook 2007 and 2010 versions.

Get to know the simple steps to repair Microsoft Outlook 2007 file not responding:

  • Download and install Yodot Outlook PST Repair application in the system by logging in as local system administrator
  • On completion of the installation process, user can view shortcut icon on desktop
  • Launch the tool and then proceed with instructions that are provided on main screen of the utility
  • Click on Open PST File option and then go to next window where the file can selected
  • Once the PST file is selected, click on Next button that will provide you with Normal Scan or Smart Scan options as per the required scenarios
  • After that select the destination location where the repaired PST file has to be saved
  • Upon completion of the repairing process, user can view the contents of repaired 2007 PST file

Helpful Tips:

  • Make use of best antivirus repair utility
  • Update your Microsoft Outlook 2007 regularly
  • Keep an eye on the size of PST file

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