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Nowadays mobile phones are considered to be a necessity. This is because cell phones provides us with the ability to communicate with our family, colleagues, friends etc. not only through calls and SMS but even through sending e-mails. The mobile phones are just like a mini computer, which can be connected to the Internet if configured. Nowadays cell phones can also be used as a camera, a video recorder, a radio and mp3 player, all in one. The main advantage of a mobile phone is that one can pass on vital information, send invitation, conduct business or make an appointment miles and miles away either by speech or text message.

Nowadays with the enhanced mobile technology, people tend to spend more time with smart mobile phones for entertainment, such as enjoy movies and music, take photos or make video records, reading books or even handle documents work that are stored on their memory card in mobile phones. However, to work on mobile devices is not as convenient as on the computers and it is much easier to make mistakes like deleting files by careless operations. So remember to make backups regularly for those vital files. Then what to do if the disaster strikes and without backups? Undoubtedly, a mobile device recovery software is urgently needed.

Lets see some of the main reasons that causes data loss from mobile phones

How to recover data from mobile phone?

Yodot Photo Recovery software is a specialized and a powerful recovery tool that helps to recover files such as audio, video, movie and photo files from your memory card on mobile phones. It supports recovery of data from different types of memory cards such as Memory Stick Micro (M2), Micro SD, MiniSD, Micro SDHC, Trans Flash card, RS-MMC, etc. that are used in phones such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and other phone brands. Also provides preview of photos so that one can select the photos before rescuing it.

Steps to recover data from a mobile phone with Yodot Photo Recovery

NOTE: It is recommended not to save the rescued files back on to your mobile phone because the chances of overwriting the original data is very high.

Things to Remember

  • Always backup your vital data from your mobile phones to any external device
  • While deleting multiple files using “mark” option on cell phones, check twice whether the marked files are the one to be deleted
  • Don’t eject the USB of your mobile phone during transfer process
  • Don't save the recovered data on the card again. Find other place such as on the computer or other external disk, for safety consideration

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