Restore Permanently Deleted Music Files

“After connecting memory card from my MP3 player to desktop I was searching for some audio tracks. In the process I accidentally deleted number of audio tracks due to wrong clicking of mouse. Now all these songs are permanently deleted as Recycle Bin didn’t hold any one of these files. Now is there any possible way to get back permanently deleted music files, please help.”

Deletion of music files can be seen among various digital gadget users along with Windows computer users. There are varieties of storage devices like memory cards, USB pen drive and others to hold digital media like music files. Also, in present day technology there are vast options to save and carry along favorite music files to any location. In such case, deleting important or any favorite tracks can disappoint users at peak. There are various possible ways in which one might erase music files permanently, such as:

  • Use of Shift+Del key combination or command prompt to erase songs from Windows computer hard drive
  • Emptying Recycle Bin on windows computer without glancing at any audio files present in it
  • Accidentally erasing audio files from any external storage drive connected to Windows system
  • Deleting music files from digital gadgets like MP3 players, iPod, etc. that do not posses Recycle Bin
  • Formatting external storage devices like memory cards, USB pen drive, etc.carrying favorite music tracks intentionally or unintentionally

Music files may completely get deleted from storage device in all above mentioned scenarios, but not permanently. Deletion is just a process to remove information related to files in file allocation table and marking its memory as empty / free so that new files can be added. So, until and unless new files are added to that storage memory, deleted files are never permanently erased. So, soon after deleting any music files intentionally or accidentally make use of third party music file recovery tool to get them back.

Permanently erased songs recovery tool:

To carry out accurate recovery of permanently deleted music files on Windows system one should go for Yodot Photo Recovery tool. This tool is ranked high in recovering music files along with pictures. It has caliber to extract deleted as well as lost / missing music files with AMR, AIFF, M4a, WAV, MIDI, RF and other file formats even from iTunes on Windows system. This tool supports to restore music files from FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, NTFS5, FAT16 and ReFS formatted storage devices with mush ease. Also, it can even retrieve videos, RAW images, Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations, archives, folders, etc. from system hard drive, memory cards, USB flash drive, external hard disk, SSD and many more storage components. Using this tool, one can brilliantly retrieve permanently deleted music from laptop and desktop running with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Procedural steps to restore permanently erased songs:

Note: If music files are deleted from external storage device, connect such drive to Windows system and follow same steps

  • Download and install the software in your Windows system from where music files are deleted permanently
  • Run the utility and from main screen, select “Deleted Photo Recovery” option and click next
  • Upcoming window shows all physical and logical drives associated with system
  • Select the drive from which music files are erased and then choose music file types that you wish to recover
  • Software now starts to scan selected drive for recovering erased songs
  • After completion of scanning process, you can preview recovered audio files in “Data View” or “File Type View” modes
  • At last target new destination location on any storage device to save selected songs and click on “save”

Precautionary Note:

  • Avoid deleting music files using Shift+Del or emptying Recycle Bin on Windows system
  • While navigating through list of audio files in external storage drive avoid accidental deletion

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