How to Recover RAW Files from USB Drive?

It is hard to see the photos you shoot in RAW format just departed from your digital camera or memory card. What if it really happens? What if your RAW files were accidentally deleted from camera or memory card? How you are going to find and retrieve them back? What are the procedures you must follow while getting RAW files back? How well thus it work? For all such questions the answer is given in this page, so read further.

Consider a scenario, wherein you have gone for outing with your family members and captured several RAW image files with the help of your digital camera. When you returned back home, you connected digital camera to computer to preview all photos; after viewing photos, you copied all RAW files from camera memory card to externally connected USB drive using Cut-Paste options. But next time when you connected, USB drive shows format error and you were not able to access any file from it. In order to get rid of format error, you formatted USB drive which wipes out all your precious RAW files stored in it.

It’s really heart break feeling, when you lose those RAW image files which are very special for you and which holds a part of sweet memories in your life. Since you cut pasted RAW files from camera memory card to USB drive, you cannot recover them from camera also. So how will you get back RAW files from USB drive? Don’t worry!!! That’s why the data recovery tools are developed; they really help people to regain their precious data including photos, videos, songs, and other files that are lost due to several reasons.

Causes that leads to the loss of RAW files from USB drive are:

RAW is a picture file format that contains unprocessed or undeveloped data, which has been favored by many photographers both professionals and enthusiasts. Working with RAW files allows you to take full control over the image and letting you to determine how the final images should look like. RAW images must be post-processed with the RAW conversion utility that comes with digital camera or other digital darkroom software.

Software for recovering RAW files from USB:

Yodot Photo Recovery is proficient image recovery software specially designed for recovering deleted or lost RAW image files from USB drive and various digital cameras. This software has ability to recover various RAW images file formats such as JPEG, JPG, DNG, CR2, CRW, NEF, SR2, ARW, ORF, MRW, RAW, PEF, KDC, DCR, RAF, TIFF, GIF, etc used by different digital cameras. This recovery tool is quite comfortable in recovering lost/deleted media files from memory cards, iPods, computer hard drives, external hard drives, flash drives and other storage media. The recovery program is built with advanced scanning algorithms to recover RAW files even after formatting or re-formatting the USB drive. This recovery product works well with all versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Steps to extract RAW files from USB drive:


  • Don’t connect your USB drive to virus infected computer, it may harm data stored in it
  • Go through USB drive to check whether you had left any important files before you format it
  • Stop adding new data to it, after you lose files from USB drive

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