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“Hi everyone, I have an issue which I am going to share with you. The performance of my computer was reduced with time. Therefore to improve its working speed, I deleted some unwanted media files which were consuming a large memory space on computer. But there were some important WAV files on the system which I had selected unintentionally while deleting. What can I do now to get back WAV file? Please suggest a way...”

WAV is an audio file format which provides the best quality of audio format without compression. Therefore, if you observe, WAV files are bigger in size compared other audio formats with same content. If the file needs to be played repeatedly in a loop, then WAV format is the best suited one. Such WAV files may be lost in various situations as discussed in above scenario.

How WAV files are lost or deleted?

Do not panic if you do not have any proper source to restore lost or erased WAV audio files. However, you can recover WAV files using suitable media file recovery software like Yodot.

WAV file recovery software:

Yodot Photo Recovery software helps you to get back deleted or lost WAV audio files from any storage drive including internal hard drive as well as external drives connected to the system. It has capability to detect and rescue WAV files from selected drive on computer. It supports retrieving other audio file formats like MP3, AIFF, M4A, MIDI, AMR, etc. You can restore WAV files from various drives formatted with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT and ReFS file systems. This software has simple interface with advanced features to ease the task of restoring WAV and other media files (photos, video files) and other files without facing any trouble. Try it today to evaluate quality of recovered WAV files.

Steps to restore WAV files:


  • Keep backup of important audio files in WAV format to restore them in case of loss or deletion
  • Do not shutdown system forcefully when WAV file is being played

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