Repair PowerPoint File after Conversion Error

“I was trying to convert my PPT file to PDF file format. But conversion process got chucked when my system suddenly started rebooting. After rebooting, when I tried to open PPT file again to convert it on my computer, I am getting an error ‘No text converter is installed for this file type’. It was created with lot of research by spending my precious time and I do not have any other copy of the PowerPoint presentation file also. What can I do now? I cannot let my hard work go waste. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.”

You may get struck in a situation like above sometimes. PowerPoint files are very precious for anyone who has put their time in creating it. You can insert clip arts, hyperlinks, images, graphics, etc. in it. If you want to share PowerPoint file publicly and do not want anyone to make any changes to it, then converting it to PDF is the best option. You can convert and share it in your business network or anywhere you want. If PowerPoint file conversion fails, then you may be left out with a corrupt PPT file that displays error as in above case. Do not panic in such situations as you can fix PPT file after PowerPoint conversion error. This is possible using PPT repair software on your computer.

More about need for PowerPoint file conversion:

Presentation files cannot be opened on older versions of PowerPoint. But the beauty of PowerPoint file is that it can be converted to other file formats and thereby there are no limitations of its usage. The PowerPoint files can be converted to PDF, HTML, Flash file and other file formats. Viewing PPT file in PDF file format is easy and secure. PowerPoint file can be converted to HTML file and can be viewed on browsers on mobiles, iPads, etc. and PPT files can also be converted to flash movies. You can achieve greater accessibility, sound integration, display resolution, streaming, internet distribution, etc. by converting PowerPoint file to flash. If presentation file gets corrupted while carrying out such conversion, then you can use PowerPoint file repair software.

Sometimes, PowerPoint file also get corrupted when you convert PPT/PPTX file to other file format and again convert to PPT/PPTX file, which is termed as round tripping. While converting to original file format, i.e. PPT, the process may fail due to several reasons.

Usage of PowerPoint repair software:

Yodot PPT Repair tool fixes corrupted PowerPoint file showing an error after conversion failure. This utility is capable of retrieving text, objects, tables, clip arts, hypertext, etc. from PPT/PPTX file after repairing. This program can be used to fix PPT/PPTX files created on Microsoft Office 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions. This application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

Detailed description of PowerPoint file repair:


  • Always backup your important PowerPoint files before going for converting it
  • Make sure that the PowerPoint file conversion process will not halt because of your mistake and use UPS if there are frequent power cuts

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