Recover Deleted Slides from PowerPoint

PowerPoint slide is one of the attributes of PowerPoint file which helps to create extraordinary presentations. It is capable of managing the presentations with useful features which not only saves time but also explains your work effectively and makes it more successful. It is very easy to read and understand the project because of the presentation slides. However, while working with your presentation, you may accidentally delete a few slides which are very important to make your PPT file presentable.

Let us consider a situation where you were working with your presentation file and as soon as you completed your work, you thought of cross-checking it. While checking, you noticed that many unnecessary slides are of no use. So you right-clicked on the slide and selected the option “Delete Slide” to remove it. Soon after deleting slides, you realized that along with unwanted slides you have deleted a few important slides which were very essential to complete your presentation. At that moment you may get angry at yourself for not checking the slides correctly before deleting them.

Can you recover deleted PowerPoint slides?

However, don’t get frustrated!!! You can easily recover deleted slides with the help of PPT repair software. There usually arises a question, why use repair software for the recovery of deleted slides? This is because repair software scans and repairs presentation files; at the same time, it recovers deleted slides and other attributes from fixed PowerPoint files without taking much of your time. Therefore it is a good idea to download PowerPoint file repair software to get back deleted slides from PowerPoint. But, before moving further you should know what makes the PowerPoint file corrupt and makes its slides inaccessible as given below:

Other than the above reasons, your presentation slides become inaccessible for any unknown causes. But one can recover it successfully with the assistance of presentation repair software named Yodot PPT Repair. This software can repair corrupted PowerPoint files and restore its slide along with its charts, objects, animations, etc. Users can mend PPT/PPTX/PPS formats of PowerPoint files on Windows OS and on Mac without any difficulties. Moreover, you will be able to preview the slides that got deleted or lost due to user mistakes or PowerPoint file corruption.

Yodot also offers a wide range of other tools that provide various recovery and repair solutions to questions like - is there any way to recover Word file on XP computer, can restoration of videos and photos be possible, how to get back Outlook data files, how to repair a corrupt video and many more.

Steps to restore deleted PowerPoint slides:

Useful information

  • Always close the PowerPoint file by clicking on the “Exit” option provided in the “File” menu
  • Do not delete any slide unless you check it properly
  • Install any good antivirus software to get rid of dangerous viruses

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