NTFS Partition Recovery – Recover Lost NTFS Partition

Losing important files or data from an NTFS partition will put you in a peculiar situation. One good thing is you can recover data from the NTFS partition with the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool. Download and try the tool for hassle-free NTFS Partition Recovery.


What is an NTFS Partition?

The NTFS stands for New Technology File System, also referred to as NT File System or NTFS. It is developed by Windows, its operating system, to store, manage and retrieve data and files from storage devices like hard disk drives and solid state drives. 

Reasons for Lost NTFS Partition

       Reasons                          Explanation
File System Corruption  The issues are caused by the drive controller, cable, BSODs or RAID driver, etc., as these are the factors that lead the NTFS to go corrupt, and you need to recover the corrupted NTFS partition to get the NTFS back to normal.
Formatting the Storage DriveYou will format the storage drive to free up space, clear unwanted clutter, remove viruses, etc. Unfortunately, while doing this, any technical error may happen, leading to a lost NTFS partition.
 Virus IntrusionAny virus present in the system will lead to a corrupted NTFS partition, further damaging the data on it. Therefore, maintaining a system with antivirus software is always recommended to avoid NTFS lost partition.
Logical Structure Corruption  There is a possibility of lost NTFS partition because of the logical structure corruption in the hard drive. 
Resizing Error  If you resize the partition incorrectly, it may lead to partition loss, and you have to look for partition recovery software to fix the issue.

How to Recover NTFS Partition Without Losing Data?

We have seen why your NTFS has lost or corrupted its partition in the above section. You will witness professional recovery software in action to recover your deleted partition.

Method 1: Recover Deleted or Lost NTFS Partition by Yodot Hard Drive Recovery

The Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool is a professional tool to restore NTFS partitions. The software has been tested under various partition loss scenarios for hassle-free recovery. With its compressed file feature, you can save the recovered files from the NTFS partition in a ZIP format to save disk space. Download and try the tool to recover the NTFS partition immediately.


Steps for NTFS Partition Recovery Using the Software:

  • Download the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on your system.
  • After downloading, launch the device and click on Partition Recovery to recover the NTFS partition without losing data.
Click on partition recovery to recover lost ntfs partition
  • In the next screen, select the drive and hit Next.
Select the drive and click next to recover deleted ntfs partition
  • After clicking next, the scanning process starts to find the lost NTFS partition.
  • Once the software finds the lost partition, Select or Add a file type to recover the particular file type and click Next.
  • The tool starts recovering the files by clicking next and displaying them in a Data View and File Type View.
View the recovered files in file type view
  • Preview the recovered file using the Preview option.
Preview the files using preview option
  • Please select the required file type and click Save to save it in your desired location.

Method 2: Recover Corrupted NTFS Partition by DiskPart

You can recover your corrupted NTFS Partition by giving a volume label and naming the drive letter using diskpart, and following the steps below:

  • Type cmd in the search box, and you will notice the Run as Administrator option. Click on it to launch the command prompt.
  • Input diskpart and hit Enter
  • Type list volume and again hit the Enter key.
Type list volume to recover corrupted ntfs partition
  • Type select the volume and substitute the volume number with the inside volume number <>
  • Give the new label letter for the drive, which is inside <> and exit the application and check whether your NTFS partition has been restored.

Method 3: Repair Damaged NTFS Partition by CHKDSK

The chkdsk is a built-in tool by windows to fix file system logical errors and to ensure the file system integrity. For example, this tool can be used to repair damaged NTFS partitions by the below-given steps:

  • Launch File Explorer and right-click the drive and select Properties
Click on properties to recover lost ntfs partition
  • Click on Tools Check on the error checking box
  • Finally, select Scan Drive
Click on scan drive

Tips to Avoid NTFS File from Corruption

Regular Backup – Taking the backup regularly in an external hard drive or any other storage media will help you when there is a data loss scenario like corruption of NTFS partition etc.

Using Antivirus Tool – Any malware on the system will affect and damage the NTFS Partition. So, to keep your NTFS partition safe, use the antivirus software and do the virus check regularly.

Shut Down the System Properly – Hurriedly shutting the system will cause many technical issues, and sometimes it may lead to data loss. Always shut down the system properly to avoid problems.


We have disclosed the possible methods to recover your NTFS Partition. First, try the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to fix the error quickly. Also, if you have any queries regarding this article, please get in touch with us using the comment section.