How To Fix Audio Video Sync Issues in MP4?

Are you having trouble with Audio Video Sync in MP4 files? If so, the scenario is annoying, especially when watching your favorite videos or movies. Any interruption while watching a video is quite aggravating. Yodot Video Repair software examines every frame and fixes the errors by matching the visuals with audio.

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We recognize how awful it would be if your favorite videos had sync problems while playing! You must first realize that every MP4 file has an audio track and a video track to comprehend why your MP4 is out of sync. The time stamps generated while filming or making a video sync these audio and video tracks.

There are several ways to fix audio/video synchronization problems, so don’t worry. But first, let’s grasp what audio/video synchronization is and why it has problems in MP4 before moving on to the remedy.

What are the Causes of MP4 Audio Video Out of Sync Issues?

When the audio is either ahead of or behind the video, audio-video sync difficulties prevent the audio and video from streaming and synchronizing with time. The most frequent causes of audio and visual synchronization issues are variations in certain time stamps. You will also have sync issues if you are missing an audio or video track section or frame.

Corrupt MP4 Video:

You will encounter the error MP4 audio/video sync issue if the video is corrupt.

Incompatible Codecs:

Suppose the audio and video use different codecs. In that case, the process for each track will occur at a different speed time, which leads to an audio-video sync issue.   

Incompatible Media Player:

If the media player you use is incompatible, you will encounter MP4 audio and video delays.

Improper Codecs:

If the proper codecs are not installed, it will lead to the error saying the audio video is out of sync. As different formats require different codecs.

Audio Video Sync issues in MP4 happen for various other reasons and can be resolved. But you are encountering Audio/Video Sync issues because of MP4 video corruption. In that case, we recommend you use Video Repair software to repair the further damage.

Try These Quick Methods to Fix MP4 Audio/Video Sync Issue

We have mentioned a few quick solutions to fix MP4 audio/video sync issues.

Modify Playback Settings:

You may manually correct the audio/video out of sync on several media players using the settings. First, choose choices that let you move the audio track forward or backward by milliseconds, then experiment with these settings until the audio and video are in sync.

Try Different Media Players:

Play the same MP4 video file on a different media player to check if the sync issue still exists. Changing to a different media player may help solve the problem because some media players can handle particular video codecs or bitrates better than others.

Adjust the Audio Track:

It might be possible to manually resynchronize the audio track in video editing software if the audio and video tracks are only marginally out of sync. To do this, move the audio track a few frames forward or backward to make it coincide with the timing of the video.

Re-Download the MP4 Video:

It might be necessary to download or rip the video again if the original file was damaged or improperly ripped. A different source or ripping program can be used to do this.

If the Audio/Video Sync issue in MP4 persists, try the methods below.

How To Fix Audio Video Synchronization Issues in MP4?

Follow the below methods to Fix the Audio/Video Sync Issue. As discussed above, if the issue is because of corruption, directly jump to the 4th Method.

Method 1: Fix the MP4 Audio Video Sync Problem Using VLC

VLC is the most preferred media player that helps fix most of the problems in the video, including audio-video sync issues.

  • Open VLC Media Player.
open vlc media player
  • Select Tools and click on Track Synchronization.
Select Tools and click on Track Synchronization
  • Now, click on Synchronization and play with the Audio Track Synchronization option.
click on Synchronization and play with the Audio Track Synchronization option
  • Here, adjust the audio track time frame and Click on Save.

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Method 2: Fix the Audio/Video Sync Issue in MP4 Using Adobe Premier

Try Adobe premier to Fix the Audio/Video Sync Issue by following the below steps.

  • Place the MP4 Audio and Video files in the timeline on top of one another.
  • Right-click and select Synchronize from the dropdown list.
  • Choose MP4 Audio and Select the option Synchronize.
  • Click on  Link to Link the Clips.

Method 3: Fix Audio Video Sync in MP4 Using Windows Media Player

If you are encountering an Audio/Video out-of-sync error in a Windows media player, you can fix it with the help of the below steps

  • Open WMP (Windows Media Player) and click on Tools.
Open Windows Media Player and Click on Tools
  • Click on Options.
  • In the Performance Tab, turn on Drop frames to keep audio and video synchronized.
In the Performance Tab, turn on Drop frames to keep audio and video synchronized
  • Click on OK.

Did the methods work out? If not, then it is because of corrupt MP4 videos. But you don’t have to worry; you can fix it with the help of a video repair tool.

Method 4: Repair Corrupt MP4 Video Using the Yodot Video Repair tool

As discussed in the above reasons, Corruption is one of the reasons for Audio Video Sync issues in MP4. Yodot video repair tool helps you repair a corrupt MP4 video in just a few clicks. This tool not only repairs corrupt MP4 videos, but it also repairs videos from different file formats and errors.

Step-By-Step Guide To Fix MP4 Audio Video Sync Problem:

  • Download and install the Yodot Video Repair Tool.
Download and install Yodot Video Repair tool
  • Select the corrupt MP4 File you want to Repair.
  • Select the reference video for reference and click on the Repair button to initiate the MP4 file repair process.
Select the reference video for reference and click on the Repair button to initiate the MP4 file
  • You can Preview the video soon after the software fixes the audio video sync MP4.
Preview the video soon after the software fixes the audio video sync MP4
  • Save the repaired MP4 file in your preferred location.

That’s it! The video repair process is as simple as it can get. Yodot Video Repair software will safely and quickly fix audio-video sync issues in the MP4 video file. Most importantly, it doesn’t alter the original video file contents throughout the repair process since it is a read-only tool.

Thus the original file is left intact. It can also repair a .mp4 file with only audio or video sync problems.


Here we end our writeup on fixing audio video sync issues in MP4 using various DIY methods and Yodot Video Repair Software.

Safety Tips to Avoid Audio-Video Sync Issues in MP4:

  • Avoid playing MP4 video on an incompatible media player.
  • Always use reliable video converter software.
  • Avoid downloading videos from untrustworthy sites.
  • Back up essential video files on any storage device.