How to Recover SSD Partitions?

Looking for ways to recover lost partitions on SSD? And access the data on it. Then, this article is for you. You can try and recover your lost SSD partition through the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool.


SSDs are an alternative to HDDs. Predominantly, it is used for its impeccable speed. Although SSD is much greater than a hard disk drive because of its durability, power efficiency, form factors, etc. At times the partition in SSD may be lost or deleted due to human and technical errors; thus, you need to proceed with the SSD partition recovery process. This article will help you recover lost partitions from your SSD and will get your SSD back to normalcy. Let’s see what caused the SSD to lose partition before going into the solutions to fix the error. 

Reasons for SSD Lost Partition:

Missing Drive Letter – The volume may also disappear due to missing the drive letter, making it invisible and inaccessible in Disk Management.

Power Issues – While doing partitions in an SSD, a sudden power failure might make the partition table unidentifiable and result in SSD lost partition.

Accidental Deletion – You might accidentally delete an SSD partition instead of deleting a partition that has issues. 

Note: In this situation, you can use the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool to recover partitions from SSD.

Partition Table Issue – A Partition Table or Master Boot Record will get affected by handling improperly or virus intrusion and result in loss of SSD partition.

Bad Sectors – The OS can’t identify your partition due to Bad Sectors on the SSD. So you face the lost partition error on your SSD.

How to Check the Partition Status if it is Lost or Hidden?

Follow the steps given below on how to check the partition status using disk management:

  • Select Manage by right-clicking This PC
  • Launch Computer ManagementDisk Management
  • Later click on Partition status.

If the partition is unallocated, it may be lost or deleted for the above reasons. If the partition shows as (Disk * partition *), which has no drive letter, it indicates a partition with a hidden drive letter.

How Do I Recover a Deleted SSD Partition?

Below you can witness three effective methods to recover deleted partitions from SSD: recovering the lost partition by disk management, command prompt, and a professional tool. Let’s see the detailed steps below to recover deleted SSD partition.

SSD – Recover Partition using Disk Management

Follow the next method to assign a drive letter using Disk Management. You can recover the SSD partition using Disk Management:

  • On This PC, right-click and select Manage.
  • Click on Disk Management, find the hidden partition by right-clicking on it, and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.
click on disk management to recover lost ssd partition
  • Select Add to give the drive letter for the partition.
  • Give the drive letter as F and click OK.
asign the drive letter

How to Assign Drive Letter and Recover Lost Partition From SSD Using Command Prompt?

A command prompt is one of the good tools to fix any technical error. While using the command prompt, you should be conscious that any wrong input may lead to losing important data on your system.

  • Type cmd in the search box and click on Run as Administrator in the command prompt Window.
  • And type diskpart followed by list disk → select disk m

Note – m represents the number of the disk.

  • Give list volume → select volume n 

Note – n represents the number of the partition

  • Give assign letter x to assign a new drive letter. For example, x = g.

Recover Deleted Partitions from SSD Using Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool

The Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool is a leading tool in hard drive recovery. With its advanced and faster scanning technology, the tool scans sector by sector on your SSD to easily recover your lost partition. You can preview the recovered data in the lost partition using the preview option. Download and try the tool for a hassle-free and good recovery experience.


Steps to Recover Lost Partition from SSD Using the tool:

  • Download the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool on your system.
  • After downloading, launch the tool and click on Partition Recovery.
Click on partition recovery to recover deleted partition SSD
  • In the next screen, select the drive and hit Next.
Select the drive and click next
  • After clicking next, the scanning process starts to find the lost partition.
  • Once the software finds the lost partition, Select or Add a file type to recover the particular file type and click Next.
  • By clicking next, the tool starts recovering the files and displays them in a Data View and File Type View.
view files from recovered partition SSD
  • Preview the recovered file using the Preview option.
Preview the SSD recovered partition
  • Select the required file type and click Save to save it in your desired location.


Finally, we hope you have recovered your lost partition using the above methods. If you are looking for an easy and quick recovery process, try using the Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software to recover lost partitions from SSD. If you have any queries regarding this article, please contact us.