How to Repair Corrupted GoPro Video Files?

It’s upsetting to encounter corrupt GoPro videos. However, it’s not a dead end for your GoPro files. Read this article to explore the various solutions to repair corrupt GoPro videos without any hassle.

The GoPro is an advanced and versatile action camera that captures wide-angle pictures and videos, which is impossible on regular cameras. But GoPro video files get corrupted due to human and technical errors. Don’t worry the upcoming sections have been well-researched to cover all possible ways to fix corrupted GoPro video files.

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Symptoms of Corrupt GoPro Video Files

Suppose you know the symptoms of corrupt GoPro video files. In that case, you will see what you must do to avoid the video files getting corrupted severely. And you can prevent the corruption scenario again.

  • A black or green screen will appear in the video.
  • Unreadable video files, the video only plays audio, jerky videos, etc.
  • You will be witnessing pixelated images or no images at all.
  • You will be able to play only half of the video or some portion of the video.
  • If there is severe corruption, the video file size will be reduced compared to the original.

These are the symptoms of corrupt GoPro video files. The following section will see how to fix corrupted GoPro video files using professional Yodot Video Repair Software.

How to Repair Corrupted GoPro Video Files?

Method 1: Use GoPro SOS to Repair Damaged GoPro Video File

GoPro has made an in-built SOS tool to repair damaged GoPro video files for its series, like GoPro Hero Serials, GoPro Hero Sessions, and Hero, Hero+. Let’s see how to use this GoPro SOS utility below:

For GoPro Hero Sessions:

  • Shut down your camera and remove the SD card
  • Power on your GoPro camera again and insert the SD card again

By doing this, the SOS feature will automatically scan and repair the Corrupt GoPro video file

For Hero, Hero+:

  • Power off your camera and pull out the SD card
  • Later, power on the camera and put the SD card back
  • Please wait for the recovery icon to show up; once it appears, press any button to repair the corrupted GoPro files

For GoPro Hero Serials:

  • Turn off the camera and pull out both the battery and SD card
  • And put it back both into the camera
  • Insert the SD card, and later the recovery icon shows up; once it appears, press any button to start repairing the corrupt video files.

Note: Read this article to know more about GoPro Video Recovery

Method 2: Fix Corrupted GoPro Videos using VLC

VLC is an efficient tool for repairing corrupted video files. Regardless of any video file format, the VLC media player will help you fix GoPro corrupted video files by converting the corrupt video into an AVI file format using the Convert/Save option. How to use the VLC to convert the video file is given below:

  • First, attach your GoPro SD card to the system.
  • Launch the VLC and click on Media Convert / Save
Click on convert save to fix corrupted gopro video
  • Select Add to add the corrupted GoPro video and again click on Convert/Save
Select add to add the corrupted gopro video file
  • Later, set a new codec for the corrupted GoPro Video file and select a new location to save the new file.
  • Click Start to start the Conversion.

NOTE: You will notice some video quality loss in the converted video file.

In the case of a severely corrupt GoPro video, The simplest way to repair damaged GoPro video files is by using Video Repair Software and it’s always recommended to use professional tools to repair damaged GoPro video files to avoid further complications and quickly repair your corrupted GoPro video files.  

Method 3: Repair Corrupted GoPro Video File Using Video Repair Software

The Yodot Video Repair tool uses the safest video repair methodology to repair your corrupted GoPro video files safely. It supports and repairs videos shot on any high-end camera irrespective of file types, such as MOV, AVI, MP4, XVID, DIVX, etc., Making your GoPro corrupt file repair with just three simple clicks. Download and try the tool for an easy GoPro corrupt file recovery process.

Steps to Repair Damaged GoPro Video Files Using the Software:

  • Download and install the Yodot Video Repair tool using the above-given download buttons.
  • Once you launch the application, select the corrupted/damaged video file by clicking Browse and then the Repair button.
Select the corrupted gopro video file to repair
  • Now the software starts repairing the corrupted video file.
Repairing the damaged gopro video file
  • The application lets you Preview the repaired video file to evaluate the success rate.
Save the repaired gopro video file
  • Finally, once you are satisfied with the repaired video, Save it in the desired location.

Added Information About GoPro Cameras to Avoid Hazards

GoPro is a widely used Video Camera around the globe because of its cool features like a 170-degree lens, time-lapse, burst mode, manual exposure control, etc. Know some basic things in the below section to avoid damaging your GoPro Cameras.

gopro camera

Know About Video Recordings on GoPro

  • GoPro uses the MP4 video file formats for its videos. But for HERO 6, HERO 7 Black, HERO 8 Black, HERO 9 Black, and HERO 10 Black models, use high-efficiency video coding.
  • The video gets recorded in segments, i.e., the same video file will be split and recorded into segments to avoid severe corruption of video files. So, for instance, if one segment has been corrupted, the other segment will remain safe, and you can access that segment.
  • The recordings are done in two ways Video and Loop Video

Know About Saving Files on GoPro

  • GoPro uses .LRV (low-resolution video) This file extension is used only to preview videos as this extension works on a lower resolution and smaller size. It is only used to preview the recorded videos.
  • Because of the large files and high-quality videos, saving a video captured on GoPro takes too much time.


Take precautionary measures like backup, using a reliable SD card, and proper maintenance to protect your GoPro videos from corruption. In case of video file corruption you can choose any methods listed in this article, if you wish to repair GoPro videos easily then opt for a reliable and easy-to-use video repair tool to fix the video files.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to uncorrupt GoPro videos?

Make use of a reliable video repair tool like Yodot Video Repair to uncorrupt GoPro videos.

Why does GoPro split files?

GoPro splits long recordings into multiple video files to prevent video corruption and file size limitations.

At what temperature does GoPro stop working?

When the temperature is 32°F (0°C) or lower, both front and rear displays will turn off.