Solve – Cannot Display the Folder Outlook Cannot Access the Specified Folder Location

This article discusses an error that occurs when you try to open folders in Outlook. The error message reads ‘Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Outlook cannot access the specified folder location’.

Encountering this error can be frustrating because you won’t be able to open folders you need and you won’t be able to continue working with Outlook. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the solutions to resolve this error.

Solution 1: Open Outlook in Safe Mode

  1. Press Windows + R keys to open Run dialogue
  2. Type exe /safe and click Ok

Safe Mode will start Outlook with a minimal set of features and without any add-ins. If Outlook starts normally in Safe Mode, it indicates that your Outlook is Ok, but the trouble may be due to add-ins.

To further examine the problem and identify which is the add-in causing trouble, start Outlook in normal mode and disable add-ins one at a time. To do so,

  1. Open Outlook and click on File > Options
  2. Select Add-ins > COM Add-ins and click Go

Select an add-in from the list and click Remove. Restart Outlook and repeat these steps for all the add-ins in the list until you have tracked down the trouble causing add-in.

Solution 2: Repair data files in Outlook

If the first method doesn’t help resolve the issue, let’s check if corrupt PST files are causing issues. A PST file is a data file in Outlook that stores all your data such as emails, contacts, appointments, calendars etc in your computer.

Corruption in these files may cause Outlook to behave abnormally leading to errors such as the one described in this article. To resolve such issues, you can make use of Yodot Outlook repair software. This is a dedicated tool for PST repair that can solve all kinds of corruption issues in PST files. Whether corruption is due to PST file size, due to virus infection or due to any other reason; they can all be fixed using the tool.

Yodot PST repair can also be used to fix issues such as ‘errors have been detected in the PST file’, ‘the set of folders cannot be opened’ to name a few.

Solution 3: Create a new Outlook profile

If none of the above solutions help you resolve the error, you can create a new profile for use with Outlook. To create a new profile, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Start button and type Control Panel
  2. Open the Control Panel and search for Mail
  3. Open Mail and in the setup dialogue that appears, click on Show Profiles
  4. Then click on Add and assign a name for the profile. Then follow the instructions to finish setting up the profile.

Once you have a new profile set up, delete the old profile by following the steps below.

  1. Follow the same steps as above and open Mail in Control Panel
  2. In the dialogue that appears, click on Show Profiles
  3. Choose the profile you wish to remove and click on Remove

Now you will have a new profile set up and this is known to resolve the issue in many cases. We hope one of the solutions worked for you and you are able to resume normal operations with Outlook!