How to Get Data off Inaccessible Memory Card?

Memory card is the best source to hoard digital information in various digital gadgets across the world. It is the widely used storage component due to its compact physical size that gets fitted within very less space on gadget and its huge storage capacity. Files like pictures, videos, songs, etc. can be stored on memory cards on digital cameras, cellular phones, video recorders, MP3 players, etc. However, memory card can become unresponsive due to factors like card corruption and result in uneven data loss.

Consider a scenario to describe inaccessibility of memory card. Think that, you used a new flash memory card on digital camera to preserve captured pictures without formatting it initially. After capturing photos on your camera, you removed the card and connected it to system. But, as soon as it got connected, an error message popped up stating ‘card is not formatted’. You were shocked to see this error as memory card turned corrupt blocking access to the data present on it. Thus, you might lose valuable data due to inaccessibility of memory card.

Other facts that lead to inaccessibility of memory card are:

  • Improper usage of memory card: Using the same memory card on multiple gadgets can corrupt the card and make its files inaccessible
  • Insufficient free memory space on card: Saving new data on memory card when the card is already full and no free space available will damage the card
  • File system corruption: Virus intrusion or improper format process can lead to file system corruption on memory card causing unavailability of various files saved on it
  • Incorrect way of ejecting memory card: When memory card has to be removed from any gadget or system; abruptly pulling it out without following required precautions, etc. can even make the card inaccessible
  • Interrupted read / write process: Occurrence of disruptions during file transfer process from or to memory card will result in corruption of memory card further leading to its inaccessibility

In all the above mentioned scenarios, memory card gets damaged or corrupted and rejects to shows its content on any computer. Thus, users might lose critical data due to inaccessibility of memory card. Nevertheless, data from such inaccessible memory cards can be retrieved back with the utilization of brilliant card recovery programs.

Recovery of inaccessible memory card data:

The best technique to recover inaccessible memory card data on Windows computer is use of Yodot Photo Recovery software. This tool is outfitted with excellent read-only recovery modules that extract each and every file from inaccessible, corrupt, damaged or error showing memory card within couple of minutes. The program is capable enough to bring back files like pictures, videos, songs, RAW images, Office files and other files from memory cards on Windows system. This card recovery program safely restores all media file types from memory cards manufactured by popular brands like Sony, Samsung, Lexar, SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston and so on. Apart from memory cards, the tool can also retrieve media data from internal hard drives, removable hard drives, USB pen drives, iPods, etc. on Windows OS based desktops/laptops like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008. Mac users can employ Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool, which is Mac version of the software supported on Mac OS X machines to regain files from inaccessible memory card.

Steps to be followed to rescue data from inaccessible memory card:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery tool on a healthy Windows computer
  • Connect your inaccessible memory card to this system through proper card reader
  • Now, install the tool and run it by following onscreen instructions
  • In main screen, two options gets displayed as Deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery
  • Select Lost Photo Recovery option and proceed next
  • Then, software provides a list of drives present on the system
  • Choose the drive that corresponds to externally connected inaccessible memory card
  • If required, mention the file types that you wish to recover or else simply click on Mark All option
  • Software performs a quick scan of memory card and retrieves all files from it
  • Go through the list of rescued files from memory card in Data view or File type view options
  • Further, view required picture files using Preview button
  • Next, select a destination location on host system drive to save restored files for further usage

Essential Tips:

  • Follow the practice of removing the card using Safely Remove option
  • Preserve your valuable data from memory card on multiple storage devices to prevent unintentional data disasters
  • Employ powerful antivirus tool to scan the memory card against dreadful viruses