How to Retrieve Data from Dead Memory Card?

As memory cards get cheaper and larger in capacity, it’s getting easier to save media files and other data with great ease. It’s also much easier to lose data saved in the memory cards when it gets bad or dead. You cannot explore the card or it won’t be accessible on your device when there is problem in the file system that usually turns the card in dead condition. However, you can take advantage of some technology solutions to come over such problem. Actually, there are different data recovery software packages which can help you in getting back data from dead memory card with minimum efforts. Before that you might be so keen to know about basis causes which may drag you into such terrific data loss situation:

Dead memory card recovery software!

Yodot Photo Recovery is the most focused utility that exists mainly to retrieve media files like RAW images, generic photo files, audio, video and other files from flash memory cards that are commonly used in digital cameras, camcorders, Smartphones, music players, Tablet and different type of multimedia gadgets. It comes with easy to use wizard and performs quick and hassle free data recovery from dead, corrupted or damaged memory cards like SD card, SDXC, CF, MicroSD, xD, MMC, SDHC etc. You can employ this application to recover files from MicroSD card showing RAW file system or after it gets formatted/re-formatted. This application supports data recovery from different brands of memory cards like Kingston, PNY, Lexar, SanDisk, transcend and many others after they go dead, inaccessible damaged, failed, crashed, etc. You can utilize this tool to perform memory card data recovery on all the latest Windows OS (Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008) based laptop and computers.

Steps for restoring data from dead memory card:

Valuable Tips:

  • Do not save recovered data to same dead memory card to avoid overwriting of data
  • Scan memory card before using it on computer and do not use it on more digital gadgets for storing data
  • Always take backup of precious media files saved on memory card to computer hard drive or external storage drive

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