How to Recover Files from TF Memory Card?

“I thought even deleted files and folders from TF card that connected to system will be moved to Recycle Bin!!! But now I realized that removed files from any external storage device will bypass the Recycle Bin folder. Recently what happened is in order to move latest movie songs from system to Transflash memory card; I have deleted some photos from it. Later I came to know about the actual fact and depressed a lot about my beloved pics. Is it possible to restore my precious photo files deleted from TF memory card?”

In unfortunate situations, some of novice users might face this kind of scenarios. However, one can get back deleted data from TF card until its memory space is overwritten by new data. As Transflash memory card offers huge storage capacity and compact size, most of the digital gadget users prefer these devices. In some conditions, by mistake professionals also experience this kind of troubles. There are other reasons too that leads to deletion or loss of TF card data as explained below:

  • Formatting TF card: Before formatting the Transflash card, it is necessary that you need to backup its data. If you proceed with formatting process without taking proper backup, then you will end up erasing all files from TF memory card
  • Abrupt removal: While accessing data on the TF card which is connected to the system, if you suddenly disconnect the Transflash card before completion of the actions that is carrying out then you will face data loss
  • Power failure: If there is continuous power surge while transferring data from Transflash memory card to the system, then transferred data will be unreadable. Therefore, you will lose your priceless data
  • Virus infection: Harmful viruses can take an opportunity to enter into your Transflash memory card and starts infecting the card that leads to loss of files & folders saved in it

Therefore, you might lose or erase data from Transflash memory card in various circumstances. However, one can easily bring back missing or erased data using any card recovery software. You will get many card data recovery programs and here is the best among them named Yodot Photo Recovery.

TF Card Data Recovery software:

Yodot Photo Recovery program retrieves all deleted or lost data from Transflash memory card. The application can restore various file formats of photos (jpg, jpeg, psd, img, gif, tif, png, bmp, etc.), audios (mp3, mp4, wam, amr, m4b, etc), video files (mp4, avi, mov, mpg, m4v, etc.) and other files from TF card on Window system. This tool can regain lost and inaccessible data from different storage devices like SD, MMC, CF, XD, mini SD, Micro SD memory cards, pen drives, internal hard drives, portable hard drives, Fire Wire drives, etc. It provides great support in retrieving missing or erased data from various brands of Transflash drives like Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, etc on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Steps to recover files from TF memory card:

  • Connect your Transflash memory card to Windows system
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software and install it to that Windows computer
  • Launch the application and follow the straightforward instructions mentioned
  • Main screen consist of two options, choose “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to rescue back deleted files or select “Lost Photo Recovery” option to bring back missing files from TF memory card
  • The program now displays all the drive and devices present in that PC
  • Choose the drive that represents your Transflash card and click on “Next” button
  • Now this tool scans the selected TF card drive and displays all the restorable files
  • To have effortless selection of files from recovered list toggle between “File Type View “ and “Data View” options
  • Select preferred files from the list that is displayed and click “Next” button
  • Conclude the process by saving your retrieved files to your desired location on system (Do not save the retrieved files to the same TF memory card)

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Do not use Transflash memory card to preserve new files after data loss
  • Backup your valuable data of TF card, which acts as best insurance for your permanently deleted or lost data
  • Make use of authentic and updated anti-virus program to find and remove viruses from TF memory card