Why Does My Camera Keep Saying Reinsert Memory Card?

Media cards like memory, SD, XD, SDHC, TF, CF etc are best means for storing as well transferring digital data. But many users often come across various issues while using them. Here reported one such problem experienced by memory card user.

“Hi, while using my Canon camera, a message cropped-up on the screen stating that “the camera is unable to read memory card - Reinstall your memory card”. But I got the same error even after reinstalling the card. I am worried whether I will be able to access my photos, videos saved on the card. It will be really helpful if you could help me to handle this issue.”

Reinsert memory card error message typically means:

1. Connected memory card cannot be used by camera OR

2. Memory card terminal is filthy OR

3. Memory card is damaged

Sometimes, Camera unable to read memory card – reinsert/reinstall memory card or similar sorts of errors arises due to compatibility issues of card.


1. First ensure that you are using camera supported memory card

2. Verify whether you have updated camera firmware according to latest update

3. Try to use the card in other camera or computer

4. Take clean pencil eraser and gently rub card terminals to remove accumulated filth/dust

5. Check whether you are facing the same error with all memory cards

If the problem still persists specifically with this memory card on all devices and all other cards are working fine then your card is damaged or faulty in some way. So you have to take proper steps to fix it. But before you start the repair process, copy data from memory card and save it on safe location. To do so you can try below procedure.

  • Click Download Now key
  • Get Yodot tool on your system
  • Install and run the program
  • Choose Lost Photo Recovery and go next
  • Pick memory card that showing reinsert error
  • All files present on memory card will be listed
  • Mark files in File Type View or Data View
  • Preview photos, videos etc media files
  • Save restored data on computer hard drive

Now format the memory card on your camera using below method.

  • Insert card into camera and turn it on
  • Switch to playback mode
  • Go to Menu
  • Choose format option

Memory card recovery tool:

When it appears that memory card media is damaged and you are unable to access your precious images, videos or any files present on the card then you will be definitely worried. But still it is possible to recover entire data from your memory card with the help of Yodot Photo Recovery program on any Windows system. The software retrieves audios, videos, pictures and any other files stored on media cards of all types. This program is built with advanced mechanism to deeply scan the device and recovers lost or deleted data. Apart from media card, the application can perform data retrieval on all storage spaces like hard disk, external hard drive, USB, flash drive, pen drive and more. Using the Mac edition of the program i.e. Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool, Mac users can also carry-out data restoration on Mac machines. The software even effortlessly restores files cut but not pasted on SD card i.e. after improper cut and paste operation. The utility aids you assuredly even in recovering encrypted files from SD card, virus deleted files, retrieving missing data after sudden system shutdown etc.

Tips for using and caring media cards:

  • Store your cards in memory card container
  • Avoid filling data completely on card
  • Periodically reformat your media card