How to Recover Lost/Deleted 7 ZIP Files?

August 04, 2022

“Hi, I have accidentally deleted 7ZIP file from my Windows desktop and mistakenly emptied the Recycle Bin. This archive had very vital data and I can’t think of losing it any way. Is there any alternative method to undo the deletion of 7 Zip file on Windows computer? Please someone help me by suggesting accurate method.”

7Zip is a recognized compressor application that encodes set of files in an archive format with .7z file extension. This compression tool uses high compression ratio to create 7z archive with higher security standards. This archive program involves encryption filters and variety of compression algorithms to safely compress the files by reducing its total size to extreme small. However, users may lose these 7z archives from system hard drive due to assorted reasons. One such impactful reason is deletion; the most frequently occurring scenarios in which 7Zip files get erased from system are.

What Are The Scenarios In Which 7ZIP Files Get Deleted?

  • Unintended deletion: Users spontaneously erase 7z files of great importance without confirmation by accidental click of Delete button or by pressing Shirt-Del keys.
  • Using Command Prompt: Certain times, curiosity of users might cause disasters. For an instance, users may unknowingly erase important 7 Zip file from Command Prompt that causes permanent deletion of 7z archive.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin: Few computer users empty Recycle Bin folder without glancing at its contents after every deletion process or before turning off the system. In case, any 7 zip file is wrongly deleted, this habit of user can render deletion of such archives residing in Recycle Bin.

Usually, any deleted file on Windows PC can be retrieved back with the help of Recycle Bin folder. But, in the above mentioned reasons, deleted 7 Zip files will bypass Recycle Bin and gets erased beyond manual recovery. However, such files are not deleted forever and can be restored with the help of third party file restoration programs; as deletion of 7z archive on Windows system can only make the file invisible to the OS by removing its file entries and its index pointer from registry. Thus, it is possible to recover deleted 7 Zip files using alternative file recovery tool.

How To Recover Deleted 7ZIP Files From Windows?

Yodot File Recovery tool is the ultimate match for retrieving deleted 7 ZIP files on Windows PC. This utility is built with powerful file recovery algorithms to easily regain deleted files like 7z, ZIP and RAR archive file formats without damaging archive contents. It can bring back deleted as well as lost files from Windows computer after unforeseen data loss scenarios. Apart from this, the utility can even restore deleted files like Word documents, PDF files, Power Point files, Excel sheets, Word Pad files, Notepad, etc. from internal and external hard drives; USB flash drives, Fire Wire drives and other storage components. This file retrieval tool is compatible on Windows PCs and laptops functioning with Windows 11 and previous OS versions.

Steps To Recover Deleted 7z Files:

  • Download the Yodot File Recovery software on your Windows computer on which 7 ZIP file was erased.
  • Then install and run the software by following given instructions.
  • In main screen, click on Deleted File Recovery option as you want to rescue deleted 7 Zip file
  • By clicking Next, software displays all the drives present on the system
  • Choose the drive /partition from which 7 zip file has to be recovered and click next
  • The tool performs a scan on selected partition / drive and displays result with a list of rescued files
  • Go through the files in differnt view types and preview the recovered 7 ZIP file using Preview option.
  • At last save the retrieved 7z file to desired destination location using Save button

Tips To Avoid losing 7ZIP Files:

  • Before emptying Recycle Bin have a clear glance at the files residing in it.
  • Do not use Command Prompt for erasing 7Zip files from Windows PC.
  • Posses multiple backup of important 7Zip files on external storage devices.

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