Retrieve Hidden Files from Virus Infected USB Pen Drive

Is your USB pen drive got severely infected by viruses? Does your flash not showing single bit of data that you have stored on it? Are you worried about vital data saved on flash drive, which is now hidden by harmful viruses? Do not be tensed!!! For every problem there exists a solution. This type of condition might occur when your USB pen drive exposed to external threats like viruses / malwares / spywares.

Most of the users might think that they are taking many safety measure; but no one agree due to their negligence dangerous viruses can take a chance to enter into USB flash drive. Let us briefly discuss users’ common mistakes:

  • If it is urgent or necessary to transfer files and folders from any system, then user might not mind to scan their USB pen drive
  • In some situations, users may show less attentions in order to upgrade or update anti-virus software in their system

When you give a chance to enter viruses into your USB pen drive, then these external threats starts destroying everything that stored in your pen drive. Based on severity of virus infection, you may observe different obstacles while accessing data from virus infected USB pen drives. In some instances, viruses may hide all your valuable data in flash drive, the device may not be detected by OS or it may display “Format error”.

It is really irritating for anyone to lose access to their large number of documents, pictures, audios, videos, etc stored in USB pen drive. One can use different manual ways to find hidden files from virus infected USB flash drive; but if the severity of virus infection is more then these methods might fail to get back your important files and folders. In such situations you must instantaneously look for appropriate USB pen drive data recovery software like Yodot File Recovery.

Hidden file recovery from USB pen drive:

Yodot File Recovery tool efficiently performs hidden file restoration and can bring back all types of files from virus infected USB pen drive with a great ease on Windows system. This multitasking software can recover different file types such as MS Office documents, ZIP/RAR archives, audio files, video files, photo files, etc that are hidden on USB pen drive due to harmful viruses. It is built with advanced search algorithms to regain files and folders even from formatted or not detectable USB flash drive. The software can also retrieve hidden files from virus infected memory cards (SD, XD, CF, SDHC, SDSC, MMC, etc), hard drives, portable hard drives and other devices. This competent software is compatible with various versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Steps to restore files from virus infected USB pen drive:

  • Connect your virus infected USB pen drive to Windows laptop or desktop
  • Download Yodot File Recovery program and install it on Windows system
  • Execute the application and follow the guidelines mentioned
  • The main screen shows two options, choose “Delete File Recovery” option to retrieve deleted files due to virus infection or select “Lost File Recovery” option to bring back hidden file from virus infected to USB flash drive
  • The utility now displays all the drives associated with that system
  • Choose the drive that denotes your USB pen drive and click on “Next” button
  • Later the software scans the selected Pen device and displays all the recovered files
  • You can shift between two different views such as “File Type View“ and “Data View” to easily selection required files from restored data list
  • Select your desired files from the list and click “Next” button
  • At last, browse for the your preferred location to save your retrieved files (Do not save the retrieved files to the same USB pen drive)

Protective Tips:

  • Do not use USB pen drives in many devices without conforming the devices is protected from viruses or not
  • Avoid using flash drive after you come across any data loss scenarios
  • Scan your pen drive before every usage with genuine anti-virus software

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