HP Pen Drive Data Recovery Software

Written by Lucy John on April 24, 2023

HP Pen drives are among the most popular external storage media, manufactured by Hewlett-Packard Corporation. Millions of people worldwide often use HP pen drives to carry important files from one place to another, whose capacity ranges from few MBs to several GBs, which allows users to store and transfer important data from one computer to another.

HP Pen drives bring so much convince to its users, such that many people backup, save and share their vital data including music collection, business documents, precious photos, informative video clips and other information in it. Although HP USB drives bring so many advantages, data loss from these HP flash drives is frustrating situation to face. Some of the common reasons for deletion or loss of files from HP USB drives are listed below:

Is it possible to get back files from HP pen drive?

It is definitely files are recoverable from HP Pen drive. Files are not gone forever when you delete them from HP Pen drive; they still remain on the device memory space unless these files are not overwritten by any new data content. Only the file pointers of deleted files are removed from index table and space occupied by erased files will be marked as reusable for saving new data. Before new file takes up space of deleted file you can recover files from HP Pen drive using correct tool like Yodot File Recovery software.

HP Pen drive file recovery tool

Yodot File Recoveryis a renowned pen drive recovery utility, which helps you in recovering deleted or lost files from HP pen drive. The software can retrieve MS Office files, archive files, PDF files, audio files, video files, photos and many more file types from HP Pen drive device in simple steps on Windows system. More to USB recovery tool supports data retrieval from major USB drive brands namely Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung etc. Furthermore, this utility also restores files from many other storage drives such as internal hard drives, portable hard disks, memory cards, iPods, and so on.

Procedure to do file recovery from HP flash drive:


  • Don’t save the recovered files back to the same HP Pen drive, which results in overwriting
  • Don’t save or add any new files to your HP Pen drive after data loss mishap

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