How to Restore Password Protected PDF Files?

Written by Lucy John on April 21, 2023

“Generally a PDF or Portable Document Format file is self contained cross platform document which appears same as in the form of soft copy or hard copy. PDF files are used by all of us as they contain the complete format of the original document, including fonts and images. PDF files are highly compressed, allowing complex information to be downloaded efficiently. You can even set password for PDF files to secure you confidential data viewing by unauthorized persons.

PDF file is very popular as it is easy to transfer it over the internet where it maintains the original format intact when compared to other file formats. By setting password to a PDF file you can prevent its access by unauthorized users. What if your password protected PDF file gets lost or deleted due to human mistakes or system errors? There are situations where password protected PDF files might get lost or become invisible.

Possible reasons behind loss of password protected PDF files are given below:

There are several other circumstances where you may lose your password protected PDF file and become helpless. If this is your state, then don’t worry. In all these situations, the only thing you can do is just make use of best PDF file recovery tool and get them back. Yodot File Recovery is professional software used to regain lost password protected PDF files. This file recovery tool can rescue your PDF file only when its space on storage drive is not overwritten with new file content.

Password protected PDF recover tool:

Deleted files recovery is an advanced file recovery tool which supports recovery of password protected PDF files on Windows computer. Apart from PDF file, it can recover password protected or encrypted Word files, Excel files, PowerPoint files, Database files, etc. This software is built with powerful scanning algorithms to scan the hard disk space block-by-block and retrieve lost or deleted files including PSD documents. It will recover variety of file types deleted or lost from system hard drive, external hard disks, flash drives, memory cards, FireWire drives and storage drives. Since it is compactable with Window OS, it can be used on various version of Windows operating system including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008. This application is user friendly and free from suspicious threats like virus, malware, trojans etc. If you want to recover lost PDF files or other documents from Macintosh computer, then you must utilize Mac version file recovery program i.e. Yodot Mac File Recovery.

Procedure for recovering password protected PDF file on Windows:

Useful Tips:

  • It’s good to have another copy of password protected PDF file on some other reliable storage device
  • Regularly update anti-virus application in order to protect PDF file from virus or some other harmful programs
  • Cross check the Recycle Bin before you empty it as it may contain some of your essential PDF files

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