Retrieve PFX Files

“According to recent information posted on blog I got to know that data loss has become frequent in almost all system users. Hence I preferred to keep backup of my important data on my external hard drive, just in-case to retrieve files easily if any data loss issue occurs. Among various files that I selected for backup, some were in .pfx file format. Once file sharing was completed, I just checked my external hard drive for PFX files and was surprised to see that PFX files weren’t present there. I don’t know what went wrong, but I am unable to find them.”

PFX is abbreviation provided for Personal Information Exchange files. These files come into picture when user needs to store private and public keys of Software Publisher Certificate. Different programs that can be used to access PFX files are Adobe Acrobat XI, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Certificate Manager and Microsoft Certificate Import Wizard. As PFX files are of great importance, they are stored in most secure location, but what if they go missing from secure location? There is a possibility that PFX files may get lost or erased under certain circumstances as discussed below:

  • Indecent system shutdown due to abrupt power failure or logical errors can result in loss of PFX files
  • Using ‘Shift-Delete’ keys or clicking on ‘Empty Recycle Bin’ option permanently deletes PFX files from Recycle Bin
  • Carrying out improper file transfer process using Cut-paste options may cause deletion of PFX file
  • PFX files may go missing after inappropriate use of external storage media where these files are backed up
  • Do not worry, PFX files lost or deleted in above cases are recovered using efficient file retrieval software; read further for more information about recovery of PFX files.

PFX file recovery tool:

Yodot File Recovery is prominent software for recovering lost or deleted PFX files in minimum duration. User can ease recovery of PFX files by providing file type in RAW search box. The ‘Read only’ feature of this software makes sure that no changes are made to original files to ensure complete data security. With use of best techniques, this tool can rescue CPP files, Microsoft Office files, compressed files, basic type of media files and other data from PC hard drives working with different Windows operating systems (Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008). If you are using Mac OS, then Yodot Mac File Recovery tool can be installed for recovering PFX as well as other file types files from Macintosh computers.

Simple steps to recover PFX file:

  • Download and install Recover erased filesapplication in a healthy Windows system
  • Run the program using shortcut icon provided on desktop
  • Click on ‘Deleted File Recovery’ option or ‘Lost File Recovery’ option based on data loss issues
  • After clicking on desired option, move to next screen and select the partition from where PFX files are missing
  • Upon selecting logical drive, mark PFX file types from next window and start scanning of respective partition
  • Once recovery of PFX files gets completed, they are listed in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • Select PFX files and provide relevant location for saving them on your computer

Notable Points:

  • Stop using system once you have encountered loss of PFX files
  • You can compress recovered PFX files before saving on preferred storage media
  • Always make use of genuine antivirus protection to overcome virus threats

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